The Best Way to Keep Unwanted Wildlife Out of Your House Permanently

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are a permanent wildlife barrier that protect homes, businesses, and other structures from being taken over by mice, rodents, squirrels, raccoons, and other animals.

Catseye Pest Control’s exclusion services are natural, chemical-free, long-term solutions that offer complete home seal-ups to prevent infestations.

Wildlife animals that have found a way into your home or other structure can lead to costly damages and potentially spread bacteria or disease.

Trapping and removing unwanted animal intruders, while effective, is just the beginning of a true wildlife-control remedy, though.

Homeowners need to be sure the same problems don’t arise again.

Catseye technicians have the knowledge and experience to safely and legally remove wildlife so it's essential to leave wildlife removal to the professionals.

infographic of a tan house showing 14 points of entry for wildlife that the exclusion system protects

What are Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems?

Catseye has spent decades developing its signature Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems for full and partial wildlife exclusion.

This all-natural approach to sealing homes and businesses from rodents and other wildlife invaders helps protect people and their families from wildlife invasions for many years.

It's eco-friendly, permanent, and trademarked by the professionals at Catseye Pest Control.

Catseye offers three distinct wildlife exclusion products, each of which act as a shield from the lowest part of the house to the roof.

Catseye Will Assess, Propose & Fix the Problem

The Catseye Mission is to protect your family and home from pests and nuisance wildlife by providing award-winning customer service and high-quality home repair services in the industry.

This is accomplished by offering:

  • A free inspection to analyze the current wildlife issues and potential Cat-Guard needs.
  • Customized treatment plan and Cat-Guard installation plan for your home or business.
  • Integrated Pest Management approach for complete pest and wildlife exclusion.
  • Longer and more-thorough service visits than traditional pest control companies.
  • Flexible scheduling and emergency visits.
  • A secure online account to check the date of your next appointment and notes from each service visit.
  • Regular service reports via email.
  • Our signature Service Scan System that uses barcodes to timestamp when and where a pest management professional was in your home.
  • Technicians who are dedicated to completing the job quickly and efficiently.


aerial view of a black cat-guard branded drone performing an external inspection of a commercial business

Cat-Guard Warranty

After the installation is completed, all Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are protected for 12 months by our standard Cat-Guard Warranty.

This warranty includes annual visits to make sure your Cat-Guard is performing as it should.

In the event that Cat-Guard becomes damaged, our technicians will repair any portion of it that is damaged. Additionally, we will remove any wildlife that was able to enter the structure because of the damage.

You also have the option to renew your Cat-Guard warranty each year so that your Cat-Guard — and your home — are protected forever.