Protect Your Home or Business with Wildlife Exclusion Services

Homes and businesses are an important investment, and both should be protected from unexpected pest problems and nuisance wildlife infestations.

We know you don’t want mice and other wild animals inside your home or office. These critters, much like other wildlife, can cause structural damage and expose people to bacteria and disease.

Trapping and removing unwanted animal intruders, while effective, is just the beginning of a true wildlife exclusion remedy.

It’s important to ensure the same problems don’t have the opportunity to arise again.

If you know pests and nuisance wildlife have made their way inside — you know you have a problem. That’s where Catseye Pest Control comes in.

Our team of trained exclusion professionals first make sure the problem is under control by removing all wildlife, their nesting, and their offspring.

We’ll also make sure the affected area is cleaned and disinfected to eliminate any possibility of disease spreading and/or people potentially being in unsafe conditions.

The final step in complete wildlife control — and the most important step to ensure the problem doesn’t return — is wildlife exclusion. This is the act of physically blocking and eliminating all potential entry points to the home or business that would allow wildlife to return.

There are a number of ways to effectively exclude wildlife, but Catseye’s proprietary Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are the No. 1 defense to keeping animals out of unwanted structures and are guaranteed to get the job done right permanently.

a Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems technician installing Lower Cat-Guard onto a residential home

Wildlife Makes Its Way Inside, Usually Causing Damage

infographic of a tan house showing 14 points of entry for wildlife and the areas wildlife Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems protect

It doesn’t take long for wildlife to make your house their home cause extensive damage.

Rodents will gnaw on almost anything, including wood and siding.

In the case of mice, rats, and other rodents, they will chew on electrical cords, causing appliances to stop working and creating fire hazards. Animals are also known to soil insulation, wood, and siding with droppings and urine.

Animal droppings within your home can expose your family to numerous diseases, rabies, and other viruses.

Wildlife infested with ticks, mites, or fleas can bring additional pests inside with them, which can lead to a bigger infestation issue.

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems Create a Permanent Barrier

There are three main wildlife exclusion products that assist in complete coverage of your home or business.

They work together to provide superior coverage from a variety of nuisance wildlife animals that can create expensive damage.

Wildlife Exclusion Services

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are a permanent pest and wildlife exclusion solution that protects homes and other structures from being taken over by nuisance wildlife.

Using long-term solutions like full home seal-ups can protect your investment from rodents and flying animals, among others.

After the installation is complete, all Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are protected for 12 months by our standard Cat-Guard Warranty. This warranty includes annual visits to make sure your Cat-Guard is performing as it should.

In the event of damage to the Cat-Guard, we will repair any portion of it that is damaged. The technician will also remove any wildlife that was able to enter the building due to the impacted area. 

You also have the option to renew your Cat-Guard warranty each year so that your wildlife exclusion system — and your home or office — are protected forever.