Remove Ants from Your Home or Business & Prevent Future Infestations

In many areas, ants have become one of the primary pests causing infestations. Successful ant control and removal takes great skill that can only be gained through knowledge and experience.

Once an ant colony has decided to use your home or business as a source of food or shelter. It is likely that the pest will spread to other areas of the structure until the ant infestation has been dealt with.

Contact Catseye Pest Control has the knowledge to identify the source of the ant colonies and eliminate them from the inside out.

Correct ant species identification is essential because ants are not all the same. Different ant species may have very different behavior, habits, as well as habitats.

How Ant Control Works

Ant control and elimination begins with a pest management technician identifying the species and customizing a solution.

Common ant species include carpenter antsfire ants, and odorous house ants.

Carpenter ants, for example, can be one of the most difficult species to eliminate. The fast-spreading ants are typically found traveling along edges and corners of buildings, like baseboards and windowsills.

Carpenter ant treatment and control is handled differently from other species of ants and consists of two strategic treatments.

Once the colony and species has been identified, the nest is flushed which eradicates the ants. This carpenter ant infestation treatment also has a residual insect growth regulator that prevents eggs in the nest from developing and sterilizes any remaining adult ants.

For other ant infestations, our technicians search for the food source and the nesting location to determine the best course of action.

Once the nest and trails are determined, we use strategically placed granular and gel baits that encourage ants to take pieces back to their colony. Over the course of a short period of time, the colony will begin to fall.

Catseye will locate and treat ant colonies in and around the property. For some species of ants, the colony can be found in a fallen tree stump in your yard with satellite colonies in the home or business.

closeup of a black and brownish-red carpenter ant foraging on a wood pile.

Importance of Ant Control & Removal

Spotting a few ants could actually mean thousands of ants are living in the walls of your home or office.

Many do-it-yourself pest and ant control solutions are almost always a challenge and don’t yield the intended results for homeowners and business owners.

More often than not, these DIY options result in frustration and financial losses.

An ant infestation has a multitude of issues, including contaminating food and hollowing out wood to build a nest.

Eliminating the colony can prohibit ants from taking over and causing severe issues.

Best Ways to Achieve Ant Removal & Control

Catseye offers a bi-monthly maintenance program, where our pest management professionals will will proactively treat your home, business, and other structures to prevent or eliminate ant infestations in addition to an array of other preventative pest services.

Our technicians may also treat the exterior perimeter of the foundation, around windows, door casings, and up lateral pipe chases.

This expertise allows your home or business to remain protected throughout the year.