An Underground Wildlife Barrier Protecting Your Home from Burrowing Animals

Trench-Guard is a wildlife barrier operating as an underground component of Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems to ensure sometimes-forgotten-about structures like your deck, shed, and other low-clearance areas around your home are protected from wildlife.

How Trench-Guard Works

The Cat-Guard technicians of Catseye Pest Control use underground trenching and a rigid permanent barrier to prevent nuisance wildlife from burrowing under structures.

Not only are burrows around your property unsightly, but burrows can lead to significant structural damage.

We make sure we properly protect your home from the ground up — and it begins with the Trench-Guard nuisance wildlife barrier.

Create a Barrier Against Burrowing Wildlife

Nuisance wildlife, such as groundhogs, burrow or squeeze under low-clearance spaces like decks or sheds, to make their homes, keep food, and build a nest.

Other rodents, like skunks, will use empty burrows created by another animal as an opportunity to seek shelter and create a nest for their family.

Permanent Protection Against Nuisance Wildlife

a Cat-Guard wildlife exclusion technician standing in front of a house preparing to install a wildlife exclusion system

Customized wildlife exclusion systems are ideal because each home is unique that requires superior attention to detail and quality materials. Cat-Guard is customized to fit the needs of each home and the infestation issue it faces.

The Catseye Mission is to protect your loved ones and investments from pest and nuisance wildlife infestations.

Knowing your home is safe from critters and rodents will give you peace of mind that your family can sleep soundly at night.