Get Complete Rodent Control Services: Removal, Clean Up & Exclusion

If you’re dealing with a rodent problem in your home or business, you’ll be able to rest easy after you choose Catseye to fix the issue.

We’re prepared to handle all aspects of rodent control until your home is safe for your family and pets in all aspects. Mice, rats, or any other rodent issue can be dealt with by our technicians.

Our rodent control program ensures the three phases of rodent control are properly tackled — removal, cleanup, and exclusion — to stop current rodent problems and prevent any future ones.

We offer innovative residential and commercial pest control services that are flagged by the best commercial rodent control program in the industry.

With our award-winning customer service and highly trained team of licensed technicians, Catseye will get any home in tip-top shape when it comes to rodent problems.

Rodent Clean-Up

Once a rodent control professional has removed mice and rats from the site, they will clean up any droppings, urine, or other messes made by the invaders.

All of our equipment will be removed as well.

For the process of fixing the damage caused by rodents, we offer the following services:

Rodent Exclusion: Keep Rats & Mice Out Permanently

When dealing with a rodent problem, rodent and mice exclusion is the only way to ensure that the problem never returns.

Catseye’s Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are a permanent rodent exclusion feature that protects homes and other structures from being taken over by rodents.

To do so, our pest and nuisance wildlife technicians utilize long-term solutions like full home seal-ups.

How Can You Tell if You Have Mice or Rats?

There’s a good chance that you have a mice or rat problem if you hear noises like scratching, squeaking, and scampering.

There are some differences to look for when figuring out if you have a mouse or rat problem.

Since rats are larger than mice, you will find bigger droppings left behind by these rodents. Rats tend to favor meat and grains.

Mice, on the other hand, will be attracted to plants and grains. They will also leave behind smaller, pellet-shaped droppings.

Both mice and rats hide in walls, ceilings, floors, or attics and leave brown droppings near food.

You may also notice a greasy path of dirt and oil along the baseboards from mice or rats following the same route when searching for food.

Chewed paper or cloth are often found in boxes, drawers, basements, or attics. A musty odor may also be present.

What Diseases Do Rodents Carry?

Rodent populations grow quickly and the presence of rodents in your home can cause several problems.

The parasites that rodents carry with them can cause diseases like hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia and Salmonella through direct and indirect contact.

These diseases can be harmful to humans, especially young children and older individuals with weak immune systems.

Viruses like the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome are spread through direct contact with rodents. But, it can also be spread by their droppings, their urine, or inhaling dust that contains dropping particles.

The shedding of hair by rodents can also spread dangerous pathogens through a home’s vents and onto your furniture.

light gray and brown house mouse eating crust a golden brown loaf of bread in pantry

What are the Benefits of Professional Pest Control for Rodents?

We know how important it is to keep your family safe.

Our approach combines prevention techniques, localized pinpointing of contaminated areas (rather than widespread spraying without specific targeting), and the decontamination of problem areas.

We also take the time to monitor for any signs of developing issues.

Whether you need pest removal services for your basement, crawl space or attic, let the experts help.

Contact us today for immediate attention to your rodent problem.