Tick Control for Your Home or Business

Ticks are a constant threat to anyone in New England. It’s a consistent fear for humans to consider for them and their pets every time they head out on a nature hike, mow their lawn, or pretty much do anything outdoors near grass.

That’s why providing the best tick control treatment available on the market while offering our award-winning customer service is what separates us from the rest. Catseye Pest Control is dedicated to protecting your home and family from all tick threats, but also to making the process as smooth and simple for you as possible.

Using our time-tested process for eliminating tick problems, we will:

  • Perform a free, detailed pest inspection for ticks around your home and on your property.

  • Create a customized tick control program for you and your home based on the inspection.

  • Use Integrated Pest Management practices and schedule a longer service visits than traditional pest control companies to ensure enough time to properly fix your pest problem completely.

  • Offer flexible scheduling and emergency visits as needed.

  • Provide a secure online account for easy, 24-hour access for your convenience.

  • Email regular service reports so that you can easily stay up to date with your tick treatment program.

  • Install our signature Service Scan System to timestamp when and where our pest management technicians were in your home.

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Dangers of a Tick Infestation

Tick infestations can lead to someone in your family contacting a tick-borne illness. This can occur when just one tick is brought into a home. Ticks spread a number of tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and Powassan virus. The severity of diseases can vary, but all have similar symptoms such as fever, chills, headaches, and fatigue.

If someone in your home has been bitten, be sure to properly remove the tick immediately. If unnoticed indoors, the tick can reproduce by laying eggs throughout the home.​

How to Get Rid of Ticks in Your Yard: The Catseye Process

We understand your home should be the safest place for you and your family. When your property is invaded by dangerous pests like ticks, that safe feeling is lost. Catseye wants to restore peace of mind for your family, and permanently.

Our tick treatment service safely kills the ticks on your property, while also creating a barrier that prevents future ticks from entering your lawn and home. We take a basic — but thorough — three-step process to achieve maximum tick removal:

  1. We begin with the above-mentioned free inspection of your home and property, in which we provide tips on how to prevent further major tick infestations and tick exposure.
  2. Next, we administer a direct application to kill off the tick population on your property. A fine liquid mist, this fogger acts as a barrier to all wooded areas surrounding the property, including areas of brush. Using less chemicals, the spray is more environmentally friendly, while still providing a thorough treatment that eliminates any ticks on your property.

  3. A seasonal service, we will treat your property once a month during tick season. This ensures your property remains tick free all season long.

Benefits of Professional Tick Control

Finding and treating a tick infestation can be challenging, especially if they are spread throughout your yard. A pest management professional has the education, equipment, and skills to tackle a tick infestation. At Catseye, our pest professionals use the expertise to identify and determine the best solution to the problem.

Use these tips to prevent a tick infestation from making its way into your yard and inside your home.

  • Remove leaf litter and brush

  • Regularly mow tall grass along your property line

  • Set up a 3 feet wide barrier using wood chips or gravel to separate your lawn from wooded areas

  • Regularly check your clothes and body for ticks after being outdoors

  • Check your pet’s fur daily for ticks

If you have any questions regarding ticks, feel free to contact us. Our award-winning customer service team will be happy to help in any way possible.

Do You Need Tick Control Services?

If you are dealing with a tick infestation in your yard or on your property, you will likely find a large number of ticks on your body or on your pets fur each time you or your pets go outside.

But tick infestations can also be a nightmare inside the home. Attaching themselves to clothes, skin, and fur, ticks can make their way indoors after attaching to a host outdoors. Once indoors, ticks can lay their eggs and create an infestation inside your home.

If you are finding ticks inside of your home, it is likely you have an infestation. Contact our team of trained pest control professionals to learn more, ask specific questions, or book a free inspection as soon as possible.