Remove Spiders from Your Home or Business & Prevent Future Infestations

From homes to businesses, spiders and spider webs are considered to be quite unsightly. A spider infestation will only make the matter worse.

Whether it’s a spider infestation, or another pest for that matter, it can give off the impression that the property lacks proper sanitary conditions.

This can be quite problematic for business owners, especially for the likes of restaurants, hotels, and medical facilities.

Spider Infestation Control

Unlike other insects, spiders walk on the tips of their legs, because of this, insecticides aren’t always the best course of action for eliminating a spider infestation.

An essential step in preventing and eliminating a spider infestation is removing the spiders’ food source. This is a common practice among household pests including ants, and flies as they can lead to an infestation. If we can reduce the food source, we can reduce the spiders.

Spider control and eliminating a spider infestation is an ongoing effort that is best left in the hands of a pest management professional. This effort coincides with our Platinum Pest Protection program, during which we will remove spiders and spider webs during our visit. Catseye leaves no stone unturned when it comes to eliminating spiders and other pets.

closeup of a black widow spider with a red hourglass mark on its back creating a spider web on rusty metal

While there are DIY efforts that can be handled on your own like vacuuming frequently and removing cob webs, the most efficient way to eliminate a spider infestation is to work with a team of professionals with the proper tools and knowledge to handle the situation.

During the initial visit, a Catseye Pest Control technician will perform a comprehensive inspection of the property to determine the internal and external needs of the home or commercial business.

Using our environmentally-friendly Integrated Pest Management service, our technicians will focus on pest elimination, preventing a future infestation, and maintenance of the impacted area.

Some practices to eliminate pests like spiders involve creating significant obstacles that prohibit the pests’ ability to survive. This means removing and minimizing the conditions spiders need to survive.

Catseye’s pest management professionals use tools like a de-webbing brush or vacuum which will remove webs and spiders themselves. Most often, if you remove webs enough the spider will move on because of the constant rebuilding of their web.

By removing resources like shelter and a consistent food source, spiders are deterred from invading the area. Using cultural control can reduce harmful effects to the ecosystem that are typically associated with chemical pest control.

Contact our pest management professionals to learn more about our spider removal and control services.