Prevent Mosquitoes from Taking Over Your Yard

As soon as the snow melts and the temperatures begin to rise, the mosquito population begins to emerge and take over backyards and landscapes throughout North America.

As we know, mosquitoes can be quite a nuisance creating a buzzing sound as the fly, not to mention a mosquito bite can leave you itching for days.

But, the real issue with a mosquito infestation is the potential threat of spreading diseases.

Organic Mosquito Control

Mosquito-borne diseases are enough reason for families to invest in professional mosquito control so that loved ones and pets are not put at risk.

Catseye Pest Control offers an Organic Mosquito Control program that won’t put yourself or the environment at risk with harmful chemicals.

The Organic Mosquito Control program includes:

  • In-depth inspection of the property

  • A tailored treatment plan for the property

  • Monthly organic services to create a protective barrier around the property

  • Consultation with a technician to eliminate mosquito breeding sites

Our licensed technicians will also provide knowledge to the customer that will benefit them in preventing a future mosquito infestation.

Information includes educating the customer on conducive conditions that encourage female mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

Conditions include standing water in a birdbath, even children’s toys left out in the rain.

Our organic mosquito control product is applied to shaded areas and the underside of leaves where mosquitoes will rest around the perimeter of the property.

Since mosquitoes are a flying insect, elimination is quite difficult. However, our mosquito control program will reduce the number of mosquitoes that visit your property.

closeup of a female mosquito standing on a human preparing to bite.

Benefits of Mosquito Control

Landscapes and environments that are prone to flooding and standing water creates an ideal living situation for mosquitoes.  

Once the mosquitoes have developed, they will look for sources of food.  

While male mosquitoes feed off plant nectar, the female mosquito prefers to feed off animals and humans. Using the blood as nutrients, the female mosquito will be able to produce more eggs after feeding.  

Among the mosquito-borne diseases the pest can carry are Zika virus, West Nile virus, and malaria.

Not only are mosquito bites harmful for people, they can potentially spread heartworm disease to dogs and Eastern equine encephalitis to horses.

It is important to address problem areas such as tarps, flat roofs, and clogged rain gutters as these areas tend to collect stagnant water and serve as a mosquito breeding ground.

Finding, treating, and eliminating the mosquito infestation can be a challenge, especially if they are spread throughout your property.

A pest management professional provides expertise to identify the mosquito problem and determine the best possible solution to resolve the mosquito infestation.