Complete Flea Control & Removal Services for Your House or Business

Fleas are generally known for their itchy bites and are commonly brought into homes by pets.

A flea infestation on a dog, cat, or other animal could mean a severe issue for you.

This annoying little pest truly is quite little — fleas are approximately 1/8 of an inch long. This can make them fairly difficult to spot to the untrained eye.

With their ability to reproduce at an exponential rate, a flea infestation can happen quicker than you might realize.

Fleas found in North America include the dog flea, and the cat flea — which is the most common species found.

It is important to have professionals handle a flea infestation in a house, business, or any other structure. While DIY approaches are tempting, they are typically unsuccessful.

Benefits of Professional Flea Control & Removal

Catseye Pest Control has the knowledge and capability to exterminate even the biggest pest and flea infestation.

Our licensed technicians will work to determine where fleas spend most of their time and will determine a flea control and elimination plan for you.

We use an approach that attacks the flea infestation and exterminates the adult fleas.

Our flea treatment and control service also includes an insect growth regulator, which disrupts the development of fleas and prevents them from reproducing.

This unique approach deals with the flea infestation throughout numerous lifecycles and aims to prevent a future infestation.

graphic showing a family of brown cat fleas living off of their host surrounded by strands of black fur

If the flea infestation was caused by a pet bringing the pest into your home, you should seek treatment from a veterinarian to coincide with our flea control treatment.  

The Catseye mission is to protect your investments with superior pest management programs and award-winning customer service. 

To fulfill this mission, our technicians: 

  • Begin with a comprehensive inspection of the home, at no cost to you, to find out where the fleas are living

  • A customized pest management program is created based on the inspection. 

Whether the flea infestation is caught in its early stages or if it’s severe, approaching the situation with urgency will work to eliminate the issue. 

Sealing cracks, gaps, and Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems from your home or business can help to keep to keep fleas out.