Indian Meal Moth Control (Pantry Moth Control)

meal moth control

The Indian Meal Moth is a small, grayish-brown moth common in many homes and food distribution warehouses. The caterpillar stage feeds on nuts, herbs, coarsely ground grains, dried herbs. Pet foods, dried fruits and nuts are also highly favored. This moth may also breed in ornamental items made of dried flowers or seeds, an attraction that can bring it indoors requiring professional meal moth control efforts.

Females lay tiny eggs on or near potential food items. The newly hatched caterpillars, or larvae, seek out foods and begin to develop. In large, undisturbed containers, feeding is concentrated on the surface for the larvae do little active burrowing. As they feed, they often produce a silk that loosely binds to food fragments. The caterpillars are also capable of chewing through plastic bags and thin cardboard, damage that causes people to seek meal moth control. The moths are usually active at dusk and throughout the night.

The first stage of meal moth control is to identify all potential sources of infestation in the home or business. Infested materials should be discarded, quickly used up or treated with heat or cold to kill insects found in the food. A thorough clean out of all food sources is critical to managing the Indian Meal Moth. Storing items in insect resistant containers or in cold storage can prevent re-infestation.

Contact Catseye Pest Control today for Indian meal moth control needs. Our process involves a thorough inspection and then proceeds with the appropriate extermination and prevention measures to keep your home or office moth-free.