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Pest control isn't just what we do. It's who we are.

For more than 30 years, Catseye Pest Control has delivered quality pest control service to homes and businesses not just to protect them from unwanted bugs, rodents, and other unsightly critters, but to give homeowners and business operators a real sense of relief and peace of mind.

Our pest control methods include customized plans for every property we inspect and vow to protect. Specialized to fit your space — no matter how big or small it may be — and designed specifically to fix the pest problem(s) you have, Catseye delivers a pest-management product of the highest standard and customer satisfaction of the same caliber.

Our certified pest control technicians are trained to ensure they deliver the best pest control service to all of our customers and to continually strive to exceed customer expectations. As a result, Catseye has established a new industry standard for reliable pest management services and customer satisfaction, two key ingredients to our pest control business model that remain unrivaled. 

We believe the combination of hard work, high-quality supplies, specially trained service technicians, and our supreme dedication to the best customer service in the industry is what makes the Catseye approach of reliable, long-lasting pest control service our proudest feat to date. And we’re not planning to stop anytime soon.

Pest Control Done Right, Permanently

Since 1987, Catseye has been using advanced pest control techniques and custom solutions to protect families and businesses from pests. We focus on long-lasting results, not quick fixes. Our signature programs, Platinum Home Protection and Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems, are designed to keep pests out of your home around the clock. We also focus on making you happy.

In fact, your happiness is more important than anything else. And these are the ways we make your Catseye experience perfect from beginning to end:   

  • Performing a comprehensive inspection of your home or business, at no cost
  • Creating a customized pest control program based on the inspection
  • Using an Integrated Pest Management approach
  • Scheduling longer and more thorough service visits than traditional pest control companies 
  • Offering flexible scheduling and emergency visits
  • Providing a secure online account to check the date of your next appointment and notes from each service visit
  • Emailing regular service reports
  • Installing our Service Scan System that uses barcodes to timestamp when and where our pest management technicians were in your home

Get Pest Control Near You

Whether you have tiny fleas or a big raccoon, we'll take care of it.

Browse through the services we offer below and know that each one will be customized to your home and pest situation. Not sure what kind of pest you have? Visit our Pest Library to learn more, or simply contact us for a free inspection of your property and we'll take it from there.