Boxelder Bugs

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Boxelder Bugs are a nuisance because they will enter into homes and buildings in large numbers. Even though they do not bite people and are harmless to the physical structure of the house and property; they will stain walls, curtains, and other surfaces with their excrement, leading to a need for boxelder bug control. Some are drawn to moisture and may be found around houseplants but they will not feed on them. In the few cases when they do feed, it is doubtful that these creatures will injure the indoor plants.

The Boxelder Bug is approximately a 1/2 inch long to 1/3 inch wide. It is black with three red lines on the thorax, a red line along each side and a red line on each wing. The wings lie flat on the back when at rest.

These insects cause concern in the autumn when they gather in considerable numbers on the warm outside walls of homes, sometimes finding their way into houses looking for a suitable place to overwinter. They gain entry to buildings through cracks or other openings and remain in wall cavities when boxelder bug control methods are not in place. Occasionally, they will emerge inside the home during the spring. Luckily, they do not breed indoors, so not to worry about any infestations.

The best method for boxelder bug control is prevention. Taking steps to keep them from entering your home from the start is the best. Just remember to make any necessary by the end of August.

  • Repair or replace damaged window and door screens, screens on the roof, soffit vents, and in bathroom and kitchen fans.
  • Make sure to seal areas where utility wires, pipes, outdoor facets, dryer vents and similar objects enter buildings.
  • Seal with caulk copper mesh, metal any other visible entry points
  • Install door sweeps to all exterior entry doors
  • Install a rubber seal along the bottom of garage doors

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