Mice and Rats

rodent control

During the cold months, Mice and Rats will enter your home looking for food and shelter; bringing along with them disease, contaminating your food and multiplying quickly.

Catseye Pest Control has the most complete Rodent Control Program in the industry. Known for our attention to detail, the Rodent Control Program will eliminate Rats and Mice, prevent re-entry, sanitize and disinfect with exclusive environmental services.

Rat & Mouse Control


Our service technicians will perform a full inspection to the interior and the exterior of the home to determine pathways, entry points, feeding habits and nesting areas. Lock stations specifically designed for Catseye Pest Control are then strategically placed around the perimeter of the house to eliminate the adult population and their offspring from entering in.


All visible and accessible nesting areas are removed using Catseye’s specialized HEPA vacuums. We also remove droppings and fecal matter where accessible in the living areas.


All pathways and nesting areas are disinfected for disease prevention and odor control. By removing the odor, your attic will no longer attract new or returning rodents.

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems

Catseye Pest Control uses High Performance Metal coupled with numerous seal up techniques to eliminate any visible entry points, keeping the rodents outside.

Follow-ups  & The Platinum Home Protection Program

Rodent control follow-ups are crucial during the winter months to eliminate any possible re-entry attempts. On our Platinum Home Protection Program, not only are you monitored for any possible re-entry, Catseye will also treat for carpenter ants, bees, wasps, rats, mice and 33 different common crawling insects to make sure your home is 100% protected.