Pill Bugs

Pill Bugs, more commonly known as Woodlice or Sow bugs, are familiar backyard pests, often requiring pill bug control measures. They are classified as terrestrial Isopods and belong to the class Crustacea. Other, more familiar crustaceans are lobsters, crabs, and shrimp. The crustaceans are part of a larger group, Arthropoda, or jointed-legged animals. All arthropods have a tough outer cuticle, a trunk divided into segments, and limbs which have flexible joints.

Pill Bugs are easily recognized by their flattened or round-backed profile, seven pairs of legs, and sharply-angled antennae. Some species roll into a ball when disturbed, hence the name. While they are interesting creatures, they can still require measures for pill bug control after entering a home.

Though generally not a destructive pest, they will readily move under slabs, into doorways and window frames which are accumulating moisture. Moisture can form from leaks or condensation; leading to mold, mildew and algae which is the basic food choice of these pests. Established colonies of Pill Bugs will move inside when moisture levels are too high or to seek relief from either the cold or heat. It is when they migrate into living areas that people first notice just how bad of a problem they have and decide to call a pill bug control specialist.

That bug can be such a pill!

That’s why calling Catseye Pest Control if you think you have a problem is so important. Our licensed and trained professionals will inspect your home and not only talk to you about the Pill Bug control options but also how we can help you to reduce the excess moisture.