Palmetto Bug Control

palmetto bug control

You probably have seen a Palmetto Bug before, just under a different identifying name, the American Cockroach. Unlike its other roach relatives, these roaches do not scatter when you turn on the lights. Luckily, palmetto bug control is easier as this insect can be killed more readily than its smaller roach relatives like the German Cockroach. Unlike the German Cockroach, males and females are about 1 ½ inches long, have wings and will sometimes fly, though they prefer running.

Palmetto Bugs prefers warmer, humid climates where water is easily accessible such as Florida or anywhere down south. The Palmetto Bug is unable to withstand cold temperatures below 15 degrees. They also like to stick to the areas where food is prepped, like a restaurant, grocery store or bakery, businesses that often call for palmetto bug control.

An infestation of Palmetto Bugs also comes with a strong, unpleasant odor that is not only detectable in infested buildings, but is also transferred to items the pests contact as they crawl across them. This has the stigma of being unhygienic, bringing with it several bacteria and allergy concerns leading to a need for palmetto bug control.

  • Known to carry infectious bacteria on bodies and in guts.
  • Transfer infectious bacteria to food and other items cockroaches contact.
  • Bacteria can cause food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea.
  • Produce allergens on their bodies, in fecal matter and from shed skin.
  • Can cause allergic dermatitis and childhood asthma.

If you have a need for palmetto bug control in your home, call Catseye Pest Control to help! Not only do we have experienced pest control professionals to successfully treat your home, we can also help you prepare your home for the treatment process and monitor to avoid any further concerns.