Commercial Pest Control

Catseye Commercial Pest Control provides pest control service for restaurants, supermarkets, health & educational facilities, food processing plants, warehouses, property managers and lodging facilities. Our IPM (Integrated Pest Management) system, Certified Technicians, and Compliance Programs are sure ways to help your business eliminate its pests.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Guaranteed Protection
Catseye will perform a complete inspection at each facility to determine entry points, pathways, water sources, and potential harborage points. Catseye technicians will determine the types of pests present to prescribe proper treatments.

After a complete inspection, a customized program will be constructed to fit the facility. Ongoing services to gain control and to prevent re-entry, as well as an IPM approach, are standard with Catseye’s commercial services.

During your service, if you have any questions or would like additional services, Catseye customer service is always a phone call away.

You can expect Catseye’s Quality Control Department will periodically check all commercial facilities to maintain QualityPro standards. Catseye’s work is 100% guaranteed. Additional services needed between appointments will be performed at no extra cost and emergency services will be conducted within 24 hours and no additional charge.