Wildlife Removal, Cleanup & Exclusion to Permanently Eliminate Squirrel Problems

Squirrels can damage your siding, ruin insulation to make nests, and chew through electrical wiring if they get into your home.

The potential hazards from this damage are plentiful and could be dangerous (i.e. a fire caused by chewed-through wiring).

The best defense to prevent this is complete squirrel control from Catseye Pest Control, including wildlife exclusion as a last step via our trademarked Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems.

Squirrels can enter a home by using overhanging branches, utility lines, or climbing up siding. Then they can chew holes in the vents, eaves, and roofline.

They can also damage gardens and trees. Squirrels are known yard terrorists and can cause a mess in the garden by eating flower bulbs, fruit, and vegetable seeds.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrel removal is the first step to completely remedying a squirrel problem.

This is covered under the Nuisance Wildlife Removal Program, a multi-day program in which a licensed wildlife technician traps and removes squirrels and other wildlife in a permanent and humane way.

This is the first step to ensuring full squirrel control and eliminating the problem from the source.

The multi-visit wildlife removal program uses various eviction and seal-up techniques to ensure that your problem is taken care of and will not return.

gray squirrel looking over gutter on brown shingled roof of a home


Squirrel Cleanup

Cleaning up after squirrels have invaded your home is important in order to remedy current damage and prevent any future damage.

Our wildlife clean-up service will clean your basement, attic, and crawl spaces, as well as any other part of your home that’s been infested.

Squirrels can ruin insulation, chew up anything they can get their teeth on, and leave behind sizeable messes. We’ll clean this up and install new insulation, making your basement, attic, and/or crawl spaces dry and clean.

Squirrel Exclusion

There is only one way to truly eliminate wildlife from entering a home: wildlife exclusion.

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems make sure your home is permanently rid of squirrels and other wildlife in exactly that way.

The three-part exclusion product developed and implemented by Catseye is designed to protect homes and other structures from being taken over by nuisance wildlife by using long-term solutions that are more than an attempt to keep invaders out. It gets the job done every time.

Since squirrels can damage the interior and exterior of homes, we recommend Upper Cat-Guard and Lower Cat-Guard wildlife barriers to ensure that you and your home receives permanent protection from squirrels. You could also install Trench-Guard if you wanted to keep digging wildlife away from the home as well.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

During mating season, squirrels will chase each other around in your attic or walls, so you might hear that, as well as chewing, scampering, and scratching.

Squirrels leave droppings where they can enter and exit your home, which can indicate entry points.

And many types of squirrels use gnawed sticks, nuts, discarded shells, and twigs to form their nests. Keep an eye out for these nests, as they, too, can damage your home and its components.

Other signs of infestation include tunnels in your insulation, claw marks on your siding, or damage to stored goods caused by their urine or feces.

If you think you have a squirrel problem, contact our professional wildlife removal and control specialists today.