Eliminate Any Iguana Problems in or Around Your Home & Protect Your Property

Iguanas are lizards that people have made popular exotic pets throughout the United States for decades — oftentimes until they get too big or difficult to care for.

Owners have been known to then release the reptiles into the wild in warmer-climate regions.

Thus, released iguanas have established a legitimate presence in parts of South Florida and can be a nuisance to homeowners.

The most common species of iguana to inhabit Florida is the green iguana, the Mexican spiny-tailed iguana, and the black spiny-tailed iguana.

Iguana eating habits can harm your landscaping plants, flowers, and ornamental trees. These reptiles will also help themselves to any fruit you are growing in your lawn or garden.

Iguana Removal & Eviction

Iguana burrows built along sidewalks and seawalls can damage the structures and even lead to collapse. They climb trees, roofs, and buildings, and they typically live near water.

A wildlife management professional starts an iguana control project by identifying signs of the lizards and setting up traps to remove them from your home or yard. This is done carefully to ensure the safety of the iguanas, the property, and any other humans or pets in the area.

Once all iguanas are located and captured, the wildlife tech can clean up and/or repair the damage left behind before moving on to the final step in the wildlife control process, home exclusion.

Iguana Exclusion

Once the reptile(s) has been removed from the impacted area, a Cat-Guard Exclusions Systems technician will install wildlife exclusion barriers.

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are installed to prevent iguanas from ever entering the home or business in the future.

Setting up an exclusion strategy is important, including filling any potential entry points for the lizards or other ground-level animals, filling up any iguana-built holes, wrapping trees with sheet metal guards to prevent climbing, and even suggestions for various iguana repellant options.

a bright green and gray-spotted adult male iguana sits on concrete in South Florida climbing outside

Benefits of Professional Wildlife Control for Iguanas

The unique Catseye Pest Control approach to iguana control — and wildlife control in general — combines prevention techniques, localized pinpointing of impacted areas, and monitoring signs of potential issues.

Providing this level of expertise identifies the root of the issue and the ideal course of action to resolve the infestation.

Protect your home and garden from unwanted wildlife with award-winning professional wildlife control services.