Complete Flying Squirrel Control that Includes Removal, Clean Up & Exclusion

Dealing with a flying squirrel infestation can be problematic and is best left to the wildlife management professionals at Catseye Pest Control.

Although the rodent’s name would suggest it, flying squirrels don’t fly in a typical sense. The wildlife creature glides using a parachute-like membrane that extends from their wrist to their ankle.

Thanks to this membrane, flying squirrels are able to glide from trees to homes, businesses, and other structures with complete ease.

Once a flying squirrel finds its way to a building, the critter will use preexisting cracks in rooflines, attics, and crawl spaces as an entry point.

Catseye offers state-of-the-art pest control services for residential areas in addition to commercial spaces. With our award-winning customer service and licensed technicians, Catseye offers three phases of flying squirrel control; removal, cleanup, and exclusion.

These phases put an end to any current flying squirrel infestations and prevents future issues.

closeup of small gray and brown flying squirrel standing on the brown bark of a tree

Flying Squirrel Removal & Exclusion

Flying squirrels will typically build nests in attics, eaves, and crawl spaces and they are typically made from leaves and other loose debris.

When it comes to removing the flying squirrel, wildlife management professionals have the skills and knowledge to handle the situation with ease. Professional removal is vital as the rodent can carry diseases like mange, typhus, or rabies.

Once the critter has been removed from the impacted area, Cat-Guard Exclusions systems are installed to prevent the flying squirrels from entering the home or business in the future.

These industry-leading exclusion systems are a permanent way to exclude flying squirrels from reentering and taking over homes, businesses, and other structures in the future.

Using construction-grade materials, trained technicians replace and/or repair damaged areas that could act as an entry point for the unwanted critter.

Flying Squirrel Cleanup

Once the flying squirrel infestation has been dealt with, our trained technicians will remove their equipment and clean the impacted areas so that droppings, urine, and other messes are not left behind.

For the process of cleaning messes caused by flying squirrels, Catseye offers the following:

Benefits of Professional Pest Control for Flying Squirrels

The unique Catseye approach combines prevention techniques, localized pinpointing of impacted areas, decontamination, and monitoring signs of potential issues.

Providing this level of expertise identifies the root of the issue and the ideal course of action to resolve the infestation.

Protect your properties and investment with award-winning professional wildlife control services.