Permanent Rodent Exclusion to Keep Mice & Rats Out of Your House

Traditional rodent control methods such as traps, securing trash can lids, and cleaning the kitchen might not stop mice and rats from entering your home.

Homeowners need wildlife exclusion to secure potential points of entry rodents might use to get into the house. This seal-up process helps to prevent future infestations.

Rather than using repellents that use smell or sound, rodent exclusion methods are physical barriers that prevent pests from entering the home and should be installed by professional pest and wildlife management technicians.

close-up of a gray and white house mouse entering a home through a crack in baseboards

How Mice Keep Getting in Your House

Mice and rats hide in walls, ceilings, floors, or attics. It is typical to hear noises like scratching, squeaking, and scampering coming from these areas.

But how do rodents keep getting in your home? Start by looking at your foundation, siding, and first-floor windows.

Rodents can squeeze through holes and vents as big as their skulls. Any cracks or openings in basements, garages, and the first floor of a home is an open invitation for critters to keep coming back.

Mice and rats can also climb up gutters and enter through the chimney, openings for utility lines, or damaged fascia.

Homes are vulnerable to rodents from almost every angle.

What Rodent Exclusion Products are Right for You

Once you know you have unwanted wildlife in your home, you know you have a problem. That’s where the techniques of professional wildlife exclusion come in. 

Exclusion products from Catseye Pest Control are tailored to fix the issues on the exterior of the home.

Attic & Roof Barriers

From the top of the first-floor windows to the peak of the roof, metal barriers shield your home from rodents that may find their way inside through the upper-part of the structure.

A wildlife exclusion technician will replace and/or seal soffit and fascia with superior-quality metal while also sealing ridge vents and any other gaps that could act as an entry point from the first floor and the top of the home.

side-by-side closeup before and after comparing the installation of metal attic and roof wildlife exclusion barriers

Foundation & Window Barriers

Foundation and window barriers are the first floor’s main line of defense.

From the first-floor windows down to the ground, these metal barriers ensure there are no openings for critters to make their way into your home, garage, or other structure.

Premium metal is used to seal-up the entire area where the home and/or garage meet the foundation. Any visible holes are filled in, including holes in the foundation, gaps in siding, J-channel, and window trim, as well as corner posts.

side-by-side close-up comparisons before and after showing the installation of wildlife barrier exclusion system on a house

Professional Wildlife Exclusion Services

Catseye Pest Control uses its signature Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems to exclude mice and rats from homes, garages, sheds, and other structures.

The process starts with a free inspection of the home to create a customized installation plan. Then certified wildlife technicians install the wildlife barrier to ensure the plan is executed correctly. All wildlife technicians are certified and dedicated to doing the job quickly and with efficiency.

After the installation is complete, all Cat-Guard systems are protected for 12 months by our standard Cat-Guard Warranty.

This warranty includes annual visits to make sure your Cat-Guard is protecting your family and investment.