Get Wildlife Exclusion Services for Your Business

Wildlife belongs in nature — not your business.

We know you don’t want mice and other nuisance wild animals intruding on your space, damaging your business.

However, trapping and removing unwanted animal intruders, while effective, is just the beginning of a true commercial wildlife control remedy.

Business owners need to ensure the issue doesn’t happen again in the future.

a Cat-Guard commercial wildlife exclusion technician prepares for installation of exclusion products on a business

Wildlife Makes Its Way Inside, Usually Causing Damage

It doesn’t take long for wildlife to make your business their home and cause extensive damage.

Warehouses, hotels, and other businesses can attract a variety of nuisance wildlife. Animals like mice, rats, and other rodents travel through vents, drain pipes, garbage shoots, and other points of entry to make their way into places they shouldn’t be.

Damage caused by wildlife can be costly and quite serious if it isn’t dealt with. Rodents and other critters can cause electrical damage, which creates fire hazards. Animals often soil insulation, wood, and siding with droppings and urine, causing the spread of disease.

Wildlife exclusion via Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems is a safe, eco-friendly solution for businesses that acts as the first line of defense and removes the need to use harsh pesticides and other chemicals.

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems Create a Permanent Barrier

infographic of a commercial business showing the 14 common points of entry for wildlife

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems consist of three parts, depending on the offending wildlife invader type, age/size/location of the commercial property, and more. The three components of Cat-Guard are:

Cat-Guard is a proprietary wildlife exclusion product that is unlike any other on the market, committed to protecting commercial properties from being invaded by nuisance wildlife. This mission is accomplished by using long-term solutions like full building seal-ups and quality-tested materials.

Commercial Wildlife Protection from Industry Leaders

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are a permanent wildlife exclusion feature that protect businesses from being taken over by nuisance wildlife by using long-term solutions like full seal-ups.

After the installation is complete, all Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are protected for 12 months by our standard Cat-Guard Warranty. This warranty includes annual visits to make sure your Cat-Guard is performing as it should.

In the event of damage to your Cat-Guard, we will repair any portion of it that is damaged and remove any wildlife that entered the building because of the damage.

You also have the option to renew your Cat-Guard warranty each year so that your Cat-Guard — and your business — are protected forever.