Wildlife Control Services for Your Business

Wildlife belongs in nature — not your business.

The stakes are high, and you could risk customers, productivity, and even your reputation due to an unchecked wildlife problem. Whether it’s skunks, bats, squirrels, birds, or something else, we know you don’t want them causing problems or damage to your property.

And, of course, all Catseye technicians are licensed, experienced, and trained to handle and remove nuisance wildlife safely and efficiently.

Wildlife Removal

Our nuisance wildlife removal program is a multi-visit process in which we trap and remove nuisance animals in a permanent but humane way, and always in coordination with state and local laws.

three black and gray baby raccoons held in the gloved hands of a Catseye Pest Control techinician

Wildlife Cleanup

When it comes to commercial pest management and protection, we have extensive experience dealing with public health, health inspections, health compliance, and more.

This clean-out is also important to understand and remedy any current damage and also to prevent any future damage.

Our Commercial Wildlife Cleanup Program is ideal for restaurants, apartments and apartment buildings, offices, warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing and processing facilities, and much more.

Wildlife Exclusion

Using wildlife exclusion to seal all entry points accessible to wildlife is crucial to ensuring the problems don’t return.

We do this with Cat-Guard Exclusion System, Catseye Pest Control’s trademarked commercial exclusion product that is custom-fitted to businesses and permanently rids them of rodents and wildlife.  

Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems consist of three parts, depending on the offending wildlife invader type, age/size/location of the commercial property, and more. The three components are: 

  1. Upper Cat-Gaurd
  2. Lower Cat-Guard
  3. Trench-Guard

Cat-Guard is a proprietary wildlife exclusion product unlike any other on the market and is committed to protecting commercial properties from being taken over by nuisance wildlife by using long-term solutions like full building seal-ups.  

Commercial Wildlife Protection From the Industry Leaders

Before our licensed technician can create a customized plan to tackle your nuisance wildlife problem, he’ll need to begin with a free, detailed inspection of the property.  

Then, we will: 

  • Create a customized wildlife control service plan for you based on the inspection. 

  • Utilize Integrated Pest Management practices. 

  • Schedule more-thorough service visits than traditional pest control companies to ensure there is enough time to correctly fix your pest problem. 

  • Offer flexible scheduling for services and emergency visits. 

  • Providing a protected online account to use at any time, day or night. 

  • Email service reports. 

  • Install our signature Service Scan System to timestamp when and where our wildlife technicians were in your business. 

If you think you have a nuisance wildlife control problem, contact us today for your free commercial inspection.