Complete Cane Toad Control that Includes Removal & Exclusion

Cane toads are an invasive species that has taken hold of Florida residents each spring and summer.

These toads originated from South and Central America to control agricultural pests found in sugar cane crops during the 1930s. Now, their unchecked populations flourish in local lakes and ponds while also introducing swarms of cane toads in pools and yards.

Cane toads are typically reddish-brown to grayish-brown with a light-yellow colored belly and dark markings on their body.

They also have enlarged glands behind their eyes which secretes a milky-white toxin (bufotoxin) that acts as a defense against predators.

People who handle cane toads without the proper knowledge or equipment could suffer from skin irritation or burn their eyes from the bufotoxin.

The toxin is not deadly to humans but can seriously injure pets which makes these pests top priority for removal.

Cane Toad Removal & Exclusion

It’s important to work with a wildlife removal and control professional to tackle a cane toad infestation.

Since these pests are poisonous even after death, cane toads must be contained in ventilated collection containers and gloves should be worn.

Once the critters have been removed from the impacted area, Cat-Guard Exclusions systems are installed to prevent cane toads from entering the home or business in the future.

Since these toads are not good climbers, setting up barriers can be quite effective in combination with limiting outdoor lights and removing debris that can be used as homes for the cane toad.

a green and yellow cane toad on rocks in Florida

Benefits of Professional Wildlife Control for Cane Toads

The unique Catseye approach combines prevention techniques, localized pinpointing of impacted areas, and monitoring signs of potential issues.

Providing this level of expertise identifies the root of the issue and the ideal course of action to resolve the infestation.

Protect your home and yard with award-winning professional wildlife control services.