The Catseye Guarantee — #1 in Woodpecker Removal and Damage Repair

At Catseye, our goal is to protect your home and family from pests by combining an effective woodpecker deterrent with award-winning customer service. We achieve this through:

  • A detailed no-cost inspection of your home
  • Creating a customized woodpecker damage control solution specific to the needs of your home
  • Utilizing high-performance materials professionally applied to stand the test of time
  • 12-month guarantee to protect the hard coating work that can be renewed annually
  • Providing a secure online account

We will help you get rid of woodpeckers and woodpecker damage quickly and permanently. Learn more about the cost and pricing for woodpecker control and hard coating here.

Woodpecker Deterrent & Hard Coating Spray

Hard coating is a ¼ inch hard protective finish that is applied to architectural foam moldings to stop woodpeckers from destroying your home. This product is designed to be strong, yet lightweight and will match the look of your home.

Woodpecker Deterrent - Spray Hard Coating

We know your home is one of your biggest investments and you want to protect it from unsightly woodpecker damage. Hard coating is a permanent and attractive solution. Catseye will mend any woodpecker holes before applying the hard coat. We will apply the hard coat and paint it with a specially-formulated paint made for deterring woodpeckers, color-matched to blend perfectly with your home.

How Hard Coating Keeps Woodpeckers Away

Hard coating is one of the most practical ways to stop woodpeckers because the coating discourages woodpeckers by creating a surface which is simply too hard for them to peck. The primary reason woodpeckers create holes in your house is a simple, instinctual need to find insects and make nests. With an outer coat that is impenetrable to their beaks, they will no longer be able to get what they need from damaging your home. Without harming the bird, the hard coating process becomes a strong deterrent that can eliminate an ongoing woodpecker problem.

The Catseye Hard Coating Warranty

After the application is complete, your hard coating is protected for 12 months with our Hard Coating Warranty. This includes an annual visit to make sure the hard coat is performing to Catseye’s hard coating standards. You have the option to renew your warranty each year to ensure your home is protected forever.

Woodpecker Hole Damage

In addition to feeding and nesting, woodpeckers will also drum on trees or buildings to communicate and establish their territories. These birds prefer to live in tree cavities on the edges of forests, but habitat loss can force them to build nests and look for food in the siding and trim of houses. In fact, the architectural foam found on most Florida homes is very attractive to these pesky birds because of the sound it makes when they drum on them.

This same noise, which the bird enjoys, can become a significant nuisance to homeowners. This may range from a mild inconvenience to a severe disruption to sleep patterns and other daily activities.

Woodpecker damage and pecking are not only a cosmetic blemish and auditory annoyance. The holes these birds create in your home can become habitats for other pests such as bees and other birds. This also can allow moisture to further damage your home. Discouraging woodpeckers are often challenging because they are incredibly territorial and persistent. It may be difficult to deter or stop woodpeckers without taking deliberate steps for control and prevention.

Signs of Woodpecker Damage

A year-round resident of Southwest Florida, one of the tell-tale signs of these woodpeckers are their distinctive drumming and drilling sounds and the holes they leave. The holes will be about the size of a tennis ball or larger. For those who have woodpeckers destroying their decorative foam trim, you may notice bits of foam in your landscaping before you find any holes. Any of these signs are good reasons to schedule a free hard coating inspection from a professional inspector.

Types of Woodpeckers

There are many different types of woodpeckers that can damage homes and it often depends on your location and climate. Here are some of the types of woodpeckers we prevent:

  • Red-Bellied Woodpecker
  • Pileated Woodpecker
  • Downy Woodpecker
  • Red-Headed Woodpecker
  • Red Cockaded Woodpecker