Permanently Remove, Cleanup & Exclude Pigeons from Your Home or Business

Found throughout the country, pigeons are one of the most common species of birds and nuisance wildlife.

They mate year-round, with increased rates in spring and fall, and the messes they leave behind have been seen by anyone who’s ever walked outside.

Pigeons are stout-bodied birds that seek shelter in areas of buildings that are otherwise inhospitable. They’ll make use of balconies, ledges, roof lines, and damaged or loose gutters that can act as a point of entry it homes and other structures.

Fixing Your Pigeon Problem

Pigeons have grown accustomed to people and are not afraid to approach them, especially while searching for food and shelter.

You’ll hear these birds “cooing” all over the place, but especially in environments that people frequent like parks or around buildings, as well as near bridges, grain elevators, and farm yards.

But, with the wildlife professionals at Catseye Pest Control on the job, you can assure your problem will be fixed correctly and permanently the first time using the following practices:

Pigeon Removal

The first necessary part of eliminating a pigeon problem is safely and humanely removing the birds from the property.

This can obviously be a tough task depending on the severity of the problem, the size/height of the structure, and many other factors.

Our team of trained wildlife professionals will strategically remove any birds and their offspring, including eggs and nesting, before cleaning up the mess they have made and completely exclude them from making their way back into or around the structures they previously called home.

Pigeon Cleanup

Droppings from pigeons are not only unpleasant to look at, but it’s possible for the droppings to deteriorate the outsides of buildings and even kill plants and foliage.

Additionally, when pigeon droppings accumulate, a fungus can develop that can lead to the spread of diseases. These diseases can be dangerous and quite problematic — even sometimes fatal for humans and/or animals.

Respiratory diseases such histoplasmosis and candidiasis can be spread through pigeon droppings, as well as E. coli and salmonellosis. The latter two diseases can lead to food poisoning in humans.

Many of the diseases caused by pigeons can be spread not only to humans, but livestock and pets as well. Since the spread of disease is severe, it is important for pest and wildlife professionals to perform a thorough cleanup of the area that was infested by pigeons.

Our team will clean basements, attics, and crawl spaces, as well as any other part of your home or business that’s been infested by the wildlife intruders, before we also work to repair any structure the pigeons may have damaged.

Our goal is to return your home or business to the way it looked before the problem occurred.

black and gray pigeons lined up on a light gray overhang of a brick building

Pigeon Exclusion

The final step to complete pigeon control is excluding the bird(s) from your home or business for good.  

To do this, we use wildlife exclusion practices to ensure all points of entry are sealed up from the highest peak down to the bottom (and even underground when necessary).

Our trademarked Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are a special armor for your home that’s designed to withstand wildlife like pigeons, raccoons, bat, squirrels, mice, and more.

It’s a three-part exclusion product made to protect homes and other structures from being taken over by nuisance wildlife using long-term solutions, such as full home seal-ups.

Since pigeons can damage both the interior and exterior of buildings, Catseye recommends trench-guard, lower-guard, and upper-guard wildlife barriers to ensure that your home or business receives permanent protection from pigeons. But each situation is unique, and a customized solution is the best course of action.

Eliminating a Pigeon Problem Permanently

Pigeons mostly eat seeds and grains. However, they will also eat garbage, insects, bread, and other items fed to them (or left lying around) by people.

If pigeons are found where grain is stored, such as farmland and agricultural facilities, it is likely that the grain has become a feast for the bird. It is also likely that the grain has become contaminated.

We’ll help remedy all of these problems and ensure future ones don’t happen, too.

Contact our professional bird control specialists today and get started with a free home inspection and let’s end your pigeon problem for good, the right way!