Get the Professionals to Permanently Remove Birds from Your Business

In nature, birds, such as pigeons, look for sheltered areas that are near food and water to build their nests. This could be in trees, a bush, or on the ground.

However, birds will also target parking garages, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities of your business and will potentially build nests.

These critters can contaminate surfaces with their droppings and spread some pretty awful diseases to humans and other animals. This can be especially dangerous for farmlands with livestock.

If your office or workplace is a health institution or place with frequent customers, such as a store or restaurant, the sighting of these pests can be extremely damaging to your reputation. And in some situations, it could be a health violation.

How It Works

To prevent an infestation or damage to your business, points of entry need to be sealed and nesting spots must be eliminated.

Tree branches can act as shelter or a place for birds to build a nest. Keeping the limbs trimmed back can also act as a deterrent as bird will use branches as an easier way to access the roofline. But since they can fly, it isn’t a total solution.

More importantly, damaged areas of the roof, fascia, or soffit will need to be repaired.

Birds will use these damaged areas as a place to build a nest or access the home in search of shelter.

Eliminating the points of entry help to encourage birds to seek solitude elsewhere.

Signs of Bird Infestations

Observing an unusual amount of bird activity or finding nests on your facility are the major signs that your business may have a bird problem.

A substantial amount of droppings on or around the property, birds chirping, or loud pecking noises (like the drumming of a woodpecker) can be significant signs of a bird infestation.

Bird Nest Removal

To remove birds from a business, Catseye Pest Control uses an eviction process that begins with an in-depth inspection of the facility.

This inspection process allows our team to identify where the birds are roosting, find out what’s attracting them, and if they have caused any damage to your business.

Our commercial bird control service is specifically designed to remove bird nests, deter the birds from building nests, and causing damage to your business in the future.

Depending on which species of birds have infested your business, we start with a trapping program to reduce the number of birds.

The areas that have been impacted by bird activity are then disinfected, the droppings and nesting materials are then removed.

young barn swallow birds in a bird nest attached to white concrete foundation of a business waiting for their mother

Bird Deterrents for Your Business

Next, we use a variety of deterrents, including visual and sounds, to encourage the birds to leave the property.

These deterrents include bird spikes, bird netting, and predator bird call boxes.

Catseye utilizes this method because the deterrents make it uncomfortable for birds to nest on your property - whether it's the parking garage, warehouse, or manufacturing facility.

Our technicians also perform minor repairs to structures that will prevent the birds from getting inside or nesting on your business.

catseye pest control technician installing bird netting deterrent in a business warehouse

Complete Commercial Bird Exclusion

Using our Integrated Pest Management approach, Catseye’s commercial services get the job done right the first time.

Whether you own or manage a school, restaurant, warehouse, hotel, store or other commercial property, it’s imperative to make pest and wildlife control a priority.

Contact us today for immediate attention to your rodent problem. For more extensive bird damage repair, we can install our Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems.

Cat-Guard is the best way to keep nuisance wildlife and pests out of your business and other structures on your property.

Using long-term and chemical-free solutions, your investment is protected without having a negative impact on the surrounding environment.

We will continue with a monthly maintenance program until we are sure the birds are gone for good.

If you think you have a bird infestation, contact our bird control and removal professionals today.