Complete Armadillo Removal & Exclusion Services in Southwest Florida

Commonly found in Texas and parts of Florida, armadillos have become an issue for homeowners and business owners alike.

Armadillos can be found inhabiting many areas, but especially wooded areas or places with sandy or clay soil. Once an armadillo has found an area it likes, it will dig a burrow — otherwise known as the armadillo’s home.

These burrows, at face value, may seem harmless but can actually be quite destructive to structures on your property.

Burrows found under patios, driveways, sheds or other buildings can cause structural damage. Armadillo damage can be substantial and quite expensive to repair. Burrows found around your property can also make the land unstable, which can be an issue for farmlands and livestock.

With this in mind, it makes professional armadillo control and removal essential.

gray adult armadillo standing on a rocky terrain in front of a burrow under a cement foundation

Benefits of Professional Armadillo Removal & Control

Removing lawn debris, heavy brush, or moving wood piles to an enclosed structure can encourage the armadillo to find a new place to dig a burrow.

Eliminating sources of food might not be enough to prevent armadillos from taking over your yard. Armadillos can make a meal of a variety of items, including insects found in soil and plant matter.

But, removing plant life or debris insects find enticing is a good start.

In these instances where this is not enough, allowing Catseye Pest Control to handle the armadillo removal and exclusion process is important.

The Importance of Wldlife Exclusion Systems

Strong or unpleasant odors can be used in gardens and other areas around the property can encourage the critter to leave on its own, allowing Catseye technicians time to fill in the burrows and install a wildlife exclusion system that will work for your property.

The best way to protect your home or business from armadillos and other nuisance wildlife is through Cat-Guard Exclusion systems.

Trench-Guard, a component of Cat-Guard, is an underground component of the wildlife exclusion system.

It ensures areas like decks, sheds, and other low-clearance areas are protected from potential armadillo damage and many other nuisance wildlife.

Catseye uses underground trenching and a rigid permanent barrier to prevent nuisance wildlife from digging or burrowing under the structure and causing damage.

Protecting your home and business from the ground up is a top priority for the Catseye wildlife removal and control technicians, and it begins with Trench-Guard.