The Best Defense for Rodent Control

Your home or business can easily be mistaken as the perfect place for rats, mice, and other rodents to take up residence.

It offers them food, shelter, and safety from cold and predators. Rodents know this and will constantly search for ways to get inside. We like to say that rodents are the best home inspectors around; if there’s an opening, they will find it.

That’s also why Catseye is 100% confident in our Rodent Plug Program, a one-of-a-kind rodent control plan that is sure to keep your home or business rat and mice free.

The Rodent Plus Program will take necessary action to immediately remove unwanted rodents. This rat-and-mice-elimination program combines multi-day baiting and trapping, vacuuming and sanitizing areas of rodent activity, and performing minor seal-ups to help keep new rodents from getting in. Rest assured, this rodent control program will not load your home up with harmful chemicals or poisons.

Our goals of the Rodent Plus Program are to remove all rodents, prevent new rodents from gaining access, and to leave your home a healthier, pest-free place.

Combine our Rodent Plus Program with our Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems and/or our Platinum Home Protection Program for a complete, permanent solution.

Types of Rodents Covered by Rodent Plus Plan

The most common types of rodents we service for are:

The Best Rodent Control Program on the Market

We begin all our pest control services with a free, detailed inspection of your property that enables us to identify all pest and/or wildlife problems and create a customized plan to solve them. Then, an experienced technician will ensure all rodents are removed in the most humane way possible. In fact, we pride ourselves on having the most well-trained, highly experienced, and licensed technicians in the industry.

What makes our Commercial Pest Protection Program the best in the business? To start, this is what you get with your year-round protection plan:

  • No-cost inspection to analyze current pest issues and create a customized treatment plan for your home or business and its surrounding property
  • Two incredibly thorough initial services to set up the program and address current pest issues
  • Multi-visit rodent trapping programs (five-visit programs, 10-visit programs, etc.)
  • Minor sanitation and disinfection services including vacuuming pest droppings and applying surface disinfectants where pest traffic has been noted
  • Minor repair and exclusion services to ensure pests are kept out
  • Emailed service reports and a protected online account to check appointments, view service notes, and make payments
  • Flexible scheduling and emergency visits
  • Our Signature Scan System that uses barcodes to timestamp when and when our pest management technicians were at your facility

Additional services are available to package with your Rodent Plus Plan to fully ensure your home is safe now and for the future. Some rodent control services that your home or business may need in addition to our Rodent Plus Plan are:

Facts About Common Rodents

  • Mice can fit through openings that are only 6mm in size
  • Rats can fit through openings that are only 12mm in size
  • Rodents, such as mice and rats, are known to carry harmful diseases that can be transmitted through their droppings, urine, or even bites. Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and even the Plague are just a few of the diseases that mice and rats have been known to spread.
  • Squirrels can also do a lot of damage to your home’s structure, insulation, pipes and even electrical wiring. Frayed wires can be hazardous and cause an electrical fire in your home.