Protect Your Home & Business from Mouse Infestation

Mice and other nuisance wildlife will sneak into your home or commercial businesses and can wreak havoc before you even know it.

Will in your home or office, mice will build nests, tear out insulation, and leave their droppings anywhere and everywhere. It is common to find chewed insulation, wiring, cardboard, even books.

Mouse droppings can not only damage the insulation, it can cause diseases and trigger allergic reactions.

Diseases spread by mice are also cause for concern, especially for businesses in the food or medical industries.

With this in mind, it’s imperative to eliminate the mouse infestation, clean the impacted area(s) thoroughly, and prevent future infestations.

Mouse Removal & Exclusion

Catseye Pest Control will find the source of the mouse infestation, such as points of entry and food sources, and work to repair any damage caused by mice.

Once a rodent control professional has completed removing all animals from the site, they will remove all equipment and clean up any droppings, urine, or other messes made by the invaders.

For the process of fixing the damage caused by rodents, we offer the following servies:

  • Basement Cleaning
  • Crawl Space Cleaning
  • Attic Cleaning


mouse emerging from baseboards of a home with floral wallpaper

Benefits of Professional Pest Control

Mice populations can pose a serious disease risk. The parasites that rats carry with them can cause diseases through direct and indirect contact. These diseases can be harmful to humans, especially young children and older individuals with weak immune systems.

Viruses like the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome are spread through direct contact with rodents, their droppings, their urine, or the inhaling of dust that contains these droppings.

The shedding of hair by rats can also spread dangerous pathogens through a home’s vents and onto your furniture.

Catseye’s Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are a permanent rodent exclusion feature that protects homes and other structures from being taken over by rodents by using long-term solutions like full home seal-ups.

Contact our rodent control and removal professionals today!