Get Complete Rodent Control for Your Business that Includes Removal, Clean Up & Exclusion

We talk a lot about rodent control for homeowners, but businesses need it, too — and usually on a larger scale than even the largest homes.

Nobody wants mice or rats in the kitchens or bathrooms of their home — and the same can be said for any place of business, especially a business that needs to always be immaculately clean.

Hospitals, restaurants, and daycares are just some examples of businesses that need to be impeccable, let alone rodent-free and safe from disease.

But all businesses should be without rodents.

And those businesses can trust Catseye Pest Control to keep their businesses free of any rodent-caused problems.

We offer innovative commercial pest control services that are flagged by the best commercial rodent control program in the industry. With its award-winning customer service and highly trained team of licensed technicians, Catseye will get any business in the best shape of its life when it comes to best rodent problems.

Rodent Control for Businesses

Not only does the presence of rodents cause commotion and distraction (in its most innocent form) that typically results in lost time for productivity and profit, but it’s also gross.

These critters can contaminate surfaces with their droppings and spread some pretty awful diseases to humans and pets.

If your office or workplace is a health institution or place with frequent customers, such as a store or restaurant, the sighting of these pests can be extremely damaging to your reputation.

The Catseye mission is to protect your business from rodents by providing award-winning customer service and the best commercial rodent control in the industry.

No matter what industry you’re in, having to worry about rodents in your facilities hurts production — and commercial rodent control from Catseye will fix this.

The process consists of three parts:

Rodent Removal

We use a combination of safe and humane rodent bait stations and mechanical rodent monitoring devices to remove these critters.

Mice and rats carry diseases that can potentially cause harm, so we know how important it is to get rid of all rodents and put a stop to all rodent activity.

We'll make sure your business facility remains rodent-free.

Rodent Cleanup

At Catseye, our service doesn’t stop at eliminating pests. We want to go above and beyond for every service.

This is why we vacuum, disinfect and otherwise return the area to exactly the way it was before pests invaded.

We understand getting rid of your pest problems is your primary goal and we’ll make sure to clean up the mess.

Rodent Exclusion

Catseye technicians are always watching the ways rodents are getting into your building.

If we find small openings, like a crack in the foundation, or openings where pipes enter your building, we will seal it to keep pests out.

Catseye Pest Control technician showing business woman possible entry point for rodents and pests in office building

Compliance, Management & Procedures

Many businesses and facilities must achieve a variety of compliance standards to meet county, state and federal health codes.

We’ll make sure you have the best commercial rodent control procedures in place to, not only pass your inspections, but to make sure your business is always clean and safe for your employees and any customers who visit you.

The most important thing business owners can do is take the proper preventative steps to protect their properties from pests.

Inspections and preventative services done by certified pest control technicians around the perimeter of your property and potential risk areas can be done with no disruption to your business.

Get Rodent Control Fast

Using our integrated pest management approach, Catseye’s commercial services get the job done right the first time.

This approach combines prevention techniques, localized pinpointing of contaminated areas (rather than widespread spraying without specific targeting), the decontamination of problem areas, and the monitoring for any signs of developing issues.

Whether you own or manage a school, restaurant, warehouse, hotel, store or other commercial property, make pest control a priority.

Contact us today for immediate attention to your rodent problem.