Cleaning Up the Messes Left Behind by Rodents Will Keep Your Family & Pets Safe

Rodents will sneak into your basements, attics, and any crawl spaces they can find.

They build nests in attics, tear out insulation, and leave their droppings anywhere and everywhere. Rodent droppings can not only damage the insulation, it can cause diseases and trigger allergic reactions.

That why rodent control and cleaning up after mice and rats have invaded your property is important in order to prevent any future problems, including sickness or property damage.

Catseye will make your basement, attic, and even those crawl spaces dry and clean so that you won’t feel uneasy about using them regularly for storing items, etc.

Rodent Cleanup & Exclusion

Once a residential or commercial rodent control professional has completed trapping, they will remove all the equipment and finish cleaning up the droppings.

For the process of fixing the damage caused by rodents, Catseye offers basement, crawl space, and attic clean-out services.

rodent next to paint can in garage

Basement & Crawl Space Cleanup

If you’re wondering how to clean up after a mice or rat infestation, the Catseye cleanup process is customized to your home and its needs.

We remove old or damaged insulation, clean and disinfect rodent droppings, and install new insulation. In unfinished basements and crawl spaces we can install a new vapor barrier to help prevent moisture damage that comes from the soil.

The benefits of rodent exclusion and cleanup in basements and crawl spaces will make your home more energy efficient and protect it against moisture damage.

Attic Abatement, Clean-Out & Restoration Services by Catseye

Catseye’s attic abatement, clean-out & restoration service starts with removing all of the insulation in your attic.

We then clean and disinfect the entire attic before installing new insulation.

A well-insulated attic is essential to making sure that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Our attic abatement, clean-out & restoration services can increase energy efficiency and reverse health concerns that come from mold and pest issues.

Benefits of Professional Wildlife Control

Unlike traditional wildlife control services that may involve harmful chemicals or traps, home exclusion is the only safe, humane, and permanent way to protect a home or business against rodent and wildlife problems they are naturally prone to.

Catseye’s proprietary Cat-Guard Exclusion System and Rodent Plus Program ensure your home or office is protected from potential pest and wildlife infestations.

The three-part system uses long-term solutions to protect homes, businesses, and other structures from nuisance wildlife.

Contact Catseye Pest Control today to learn more about your free home rodent inspection.