Other Wildlife

From possums to porcupines, your home can be vulnerable to all kinds of wildlife. Not only can these unwanted houseguests cause property damage, but they can expose you and your family to potential health risks. Droppings and urine can contain disease-causing bacteria and some animals may even carry the rabies virus. Typical areas where you may find nuisance wildlife include the attic, basement, wall voids and under your deck, patio and shed.


Signs of a Nuisance Wildlife Problem

Look out for these signs that you have a wildlife in your home: 

  • Noises such as scratching and thumping
  • Foul odors from droppings, urine etc.
  • Structural damage to the exterior that could be used as entry points for the animals to get inside of the home
  • Seeing unusual animal activity in or around your home
  • Droppings close to or within the house
  • Torn up insulation used for nesting