Moles and Voles — What's The Difference? 

Moles and voles can damage your lawn and have names that rhyme, and those are about the only two things these critters have in common. Moles have gray to dark brown bodies that are about six inches long, webbed feet made for digging, long snouts and no obvious ears. Moles live underground and create tunnels and dirt piles while looking for food. They eat earthworms, grubs and some insects. Moles damage your lawn by displacing soil and building tunnels. Moles are solitary except when they mate. 


Voles, unlike moles, are rodents. Voles are dark brown and slightly smaller than moles. A vole looks similar to a mouse except it has a shorter tail. These lawn pests tend to cause more damage than moles. They eat flower roots, seeds, bulbs and even chew the bark off trees. Voles live in groups and can reproduce quickly. They can cause extensive damage to your garden, landscaping and trees.