Pest Control for Mice, Rats and Other Rodents

Mice, rats and other rodents will gladly take advantage of your warm home, build nests using your insulation and feast on any food crumbs they can find. Not to mention how all that scratching and gnawing will keep you awake at night! You and your family can rest easy with Catseye’s Rodent Plus Program. This unique program combines an average of five days of trapping to eliminate your rodent problem with a follow-up visit about a month later to make sure there are no other problems.

Ultimate Home Protection from Mice, Rats & Other Rodents

The Catseye mission is to protect your home and family from by providing the best mice and rodent pest control program and award-winning customer service. We work to achieve this through:

  • Performing a free, detailed inspection of your home
  • Creating a customized mice and rodent removal program for you based on the inspection
  • Using Integrated Pest Management practices
  • Scheduling longer service visits than traditional pest control companies to ensure enough time to properly fix your pest problem
  • Offering flexible scheduling and emergency visits
  • Providing a secure online account
  • Emailing regular service reports
  • Installing our signature Service Scan System to timestamp when and where our pest management technicians were in your home

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Disease & Damage by Mice, Rats & Other Rodents

Rodents love to chew on almost anything from food packaging and window frames to wires and garden hoses. Not only does this cause unsightly damage, but it can create fire hazards and cause appliances to stop working. Rodents may bring sticks, grasses and other debris into your home to build their nests, and even tear apart your insulation and use that too. Rodent droppings can trigger allergic reactions in some people and can even contain bacteria for diseases like the Hantavirus. Mice and rats can contaminate food and countertops with dangerous bacteria like salmonella that lives on their bodies. Rodents infested with mites, fleas and ticks can bring even more pests into your home.

Signs of Mice, Rats & Other Rodents

Noises like scratching, squeaking and scampering coming from your walls, ceilings, floors or attic are often the first signs that you have a rodent infestation. Look for little brown droppings, shaped like pellets, near food, within kitchen cupboards and drawers or in your attic or basement. You may also notice a greasy path of dirt and oil along the baseboards from mice or rats following the same route when searching for food.


Rodent Control & Removal

Catseye’s Rodent Plus Program is designed to handle any rodent problem you have including rats, mice, squirrels and chipmunks. This multi-day approach includes baiting and trapping the rodents, vacuuming and sanitizing areas where there are droppings and urine, and performing minor seal-ups to keep rodents out. Once a rodent control professional has completed trapping, they will remove all the equipment and finish cleaning up the droppings. Mice can fit through openings as small as a dime, rats need a quarter-sized opening and squirrels will chew their way into your home using any gap they can find. Effectively sealing your home against rodents is important, and this is why we have designed the Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems, an all-natural pest proofing product, to complement the Rodent Plus Program. Our Cat-Guard team can also handle any mice and rodent damage repair that needs to be done to your home.  

Prepare for Rodent Removal

There is no need for any special preparations before a mice and rodent pest control service. We recommend that you are present during the time of our visit so that you can share details about where you are seeing the rodent problem in your home.Your rodent control professional will install traps throughout your home in hidden areas where rodents like to travel and where there are signs of rodent activity. We also have special traps and techniques that are safer for those who have small children or pets.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control for Mice, Rats & Other Rodents

We know how important it is to keep your family safe. Rodents can not only damage your home, but expose you and your family to dangerous diseases. Our Rodent Plus Program will quickly and effectively eliminate mice, rats or other rodents from your home, so you can return to pest-free living.

This service targets pests including: