Other Pest Control Services

At Catseye, we service hundreds of pests and tackle even the biggest infestations. Our mission is to protect your home and family from pests by providing the best pest management programs and award-winning customer service. This is how we make sure you’re only getting the best:


  • Performing a comprehensive inspection of your home, at no cost
  • Creating a customized pest management program for you based on the inspection
  • Utilizing Integrated Pest Management practices
  • Scheduling longer service visits than traditional pest control companies to ensure there is enough time to correctly fix your pest problem
  • Offering flexible scheduling for services and emergency visits
  • Providing a protected online account
  • Sending regular service reports via email Installing our signature Service Scan System to timestamp when and where our pest management professionals were in your home


Popular Pest Control Services

In addition to our signature programs like the Platinum Year-Round Home Protection and Carpenter Ant Eradication, we offer a variety of services for almost any pest you can imagine. Some of our popular services include:

Flea Control

These parasites are known for their itchy bites and are often brought into your home by an infested pet. Catseye will work with you to identify the flea hot spots where your pet spends most of their time and will concentrate treatment in those areas. Our flea control service includes an insect growth regulator that disrupts the development of the fleas so they can’t reproduce. We also apply material that eliminates the adults. This approach attacks the problem from both the beginning and end of the flea’s life cycle. We begin treatment of your house after your pet has been treated by a veterinarian to prevent a resurgence of fleas after our flea control service is complete.

Spider Control

When it comes to spider problems, Catseye begins by eliminating the spiders’ food source. This is often common household pests like ants and house flies. We also clear out all the spiderwebs and apply an organic “dewebbing” material that prevents webs from attaching to the surface. Our spider control service includes applying residual material that primarily treats for spiders.

Fly Control

Catseye will locate and treat adult flies and larvae sites in and around your home. Often, we will use a non-chemical approach which consists of cleaning breeding sites such as trash containers, dumpsters, drains and anywhere there is an accumulation of rotting organic matter. We sometimes install fly lights which attracts the flies and administers a mild shock so that the fly drops into a sticky trap in the tray below. Zappers are highly discouraged because the fly will actually explode when it comes in contact with this device, sending insect body parts everywhere. Depending on the wind, the body parts could travel as far as 25 feet, possibly spreading disease by landing in food or drink.

Moth Control and Other Pantry Pest Services

One of our pest management professionals will identify both the type of pantry pest you have and what products it has infested. This information helps us design the best treatment plan that will fix your problem. Our services include disposing of all contaminated products and intensive sanitization of cabinets and pantries. We then use pheromone traps to monitor how the treatment is going and determine if different steps need to be taken.

Tick Treatment and Mosquito Control

We primarily combat ticks and mosquitoes while these pests are in their egg or larval stage. When it comes to ticks, a Catseye pest management professional will apply a barrier treatment around your property to discourage ticks from moving onto your lawn. We also make suggestions and help reduce areas near your home where these pests like to breed and hide.

To learn more about all the pests we service, visit our Pest Library!