Pest Control for Pigeons & Birds

Pigeons and other birds are not only irritating when they crowd your house and yard but can also cause structural damage and spread disease. We know you want to keep your roof, deck and other areas of your home free of birds and the droppings they leave down the siding of homes. 

That’s why we’ve created pest control services specifically designed for removing bird nests, as well as deterring them from frequenting your property in the future. Whether birds have nested in your home or commercial business, we have the skills, experience, and equipment to effectively handle bird infestations, no matter how big or small.

Read more to learn about the specific pest control procedures for bird control and nest removal, and how we can get you back to pest-free living in as soon as today by setting up a cost-free inspection.

Ultimate Home Protection from Birds

The Catseye mission is to protect your home and family from pests by providing the best bird pest control services and award-winning customer service. We work to achieve this through:

  • Performing a free, detailed inspection of your home
  • Creating a customized bird management program for you based on the inspection
  • Using an Integrated Pest Management approach
  • Scheduling longer service visits than traditional pest control companies to ensure enough time to properly fix your pest problem
  • Offering flexible scheduling and emergency visits
  • Providing a secure online account
  • Emailing regular service reports
  • Installing our signature Service Scan System to timestamp when and where our pest management technicians were in your home

Learn about the cost and pricing for bird pest control here.

Damage & Disease from Birds

Birds can carry bacteria that cause diseases like salmonella and food poisoning. Bird droppings can be home to a fungus whose spores trigger histoplasmosis, an infection with flu-like symptoms. Birds infested with fleas, ticks and mites can bring these parasites into your home. Droppings can also stain your siding, damage insulation and corrode paint and other materials. In some extreme cases, the weight of nests or an accumulation of bird droppings can cause portions of the roof, eaves or attic floors to collapse. Nests can clog gutters and eventually lead to roof damage, while nests built in chimneys or heating and cooling systems can be a fire hazard.

Signs of Bird Infestations

Observing an unusual amount of bird activity or finding nests on your house are the major signs that you may have a bird problem. You may also find a large amount of droppings on your siding or near your home. You may also hear birds chirping, or, in the case of woodpeckers, loud pecking noises.

Bird Control & Nest Removal

Catseye uses an eviction process when it comes to bird pest control. Our wildlife technician will begin with an in-depth inspection of your home and property to identify where the birds are roosting, find out what’s attracting them and if they have caused any damage to your house. Depending on the bird species, we start with a trapping program to reduce the number of birds. We then disinfect areas where there has been bird activity, removing droppings and nesting material. Next we use a variety of visual and sound bird deterrent devices to encourage the birds to leave and not return. These include bird spikes, bird netting and predator bird call boxes. This equipment makes it uncomfortable for birds to rest, eat and nest on your home and property. We also perform minor home repair to prevent the birds from getting inside or nesting on your house. For more extensive bird damage repair, we can install our Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems. We will continue with a monthly maintenance program until we are sure the birds are gone for good.

Benefits of Professional Pest Control for Birds

Birds that are living on your property chose it because there are good sources for food and water. Better yet, they found a nice spot to build a nest and raise their young. Getting birds to leave your property can be a difficult process because they consider it their home too. Our bird management program is designed to effectively discourage birds from returning.

This service targets pests including: