Get Rid of Unwanted Wildlife Humanely & Permanently  


We love wildlife, but it belongs in nature, not in your home. Whether it’s rodents, squirrels, bats, or raccoons, Catseye can solve your wildlife issues. Protecting your family and your home from nuisance wildlife is our top priority. We are proud to offer the most humane wildlife programs alongside award-winning customer service.

We begin with a no-cost detailed inspection of your property to identify the wildlife problems and create a customized plan to solve them. Then, an experienced Wildlife Control Operator will remove the critters causing you problems in the most humane way possible. We pride ourselves on having the best-trained, most experienced, and qualified licensed wildlife technicians in the industry.

You can combine our Nuisance Wildlife Removal Program with our Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems for a complete, permanent solution to remove the animals and prevent them from re-entering your home for good.

The Best Wildlife Control Program on the Market

We begin all our pest control services with a free, detailed inspection of your property that enables us to identify all wildlife problems and create a customized plan to solve them. Then, an experienced technician will ensure all nuisance wildlife is removed in the most humane way possible. In fact, we pride ourselves on having the most well-trained, highly experienced, and licensed technicians in the industry.

What makes our wildlife removal and control program the best in the business? To start, this is what you get with a standard wildlife control plan:

  • No-cost inspection to analyze current wildlife issues
  • A customized treatment plan for your home or business and its surrounding property
  • Multi-visit wildlife trapping programs (five-visit programs, 10-visit programs, etc.)
  • One-way door excluders for safe and humane wildlife eviction
  • Sanitation and disinfection services
  • Emailed service reports and a protected online account to check appointments, view service notes, and make payments
  • Flexible scheduling and emergency visits
  • Technicians who are dedicated to doing the job the right way the first time rather than as fast as possible


Additional services are available to package with our standard wildlife control plan to fully ensure your home is safe now and for the future. Some wildlife control services that your home or business may need in addition to our standard offering are:

Dangers of Nuisance Wildlife

  • Raccoons can be very aggressive if cornered, scared, or when defending their young. Watch out for bites as they’re at the top of the list of animals carrying rabies.
  • Inquisitive pets and children have been known to inadvertently get too close to a skunk. The smell from a skunk can last for weeks.
  • Bat guano is not safe for humans to be around or clean up without the proper precautions. Histoplasmosis is a disease you can get from exposure to bat guano.
  • Rodents, such as mice and rats, are known to carry harmful diseases that can be transmitted through their droppings, urine, or even bites. Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, and even the Plague are just a few of the diseases that mice and rats have been known to spread.
  • Squirrels can also do a lot of damage to your home’s structure, insulation, pipes and even electrical wiring. Frayed wires can be hazardous and cause an electrical fire in your home.