Remove Flies from Your Home or Business & Prevent Future Infestations

Flies play an essential ecological role in nature as pollinators while also providing sources of food for other animals.

But there is still a need for fly control, especially when the pest has infested your home or business.

When flies enter a home or office, our goal is to remove the infestation in its entirety.  

How Fly Infestation Control & Removal Works

Since there are so many species of flies in North America, habitat can differ greatly. House flies, for example will thrive on garbage and uncovered food while resting in the nooks and crannies of buildings.

With this in mind, it can be difficult to control and eliminate a fly infestation in homes and businesses without the help of pest management professionals.

Catseye Pest Control is able to skillfully identify and eliminate the breeding site of flies in addition to eliminating the larvae and adults.

The approach our pest management professionals use consists of cleaning and sanitizing the breeding site(s) including dumpsters, containers, drains or anywhere there is an accumulation of organic matter.

Once the source of the fly infestation has been discovered and addressed, our technicians are able to eliminate the infestation.

Our pest management professionals will typically use a non-chemical approach to eliminating fly infestations.

Fly removal can be handled a few different ways. In some instances Catseye will install fly lights which attract the flies and administer a mild shock so that the fly drops into a sticky trap below. While other fly infestations can be removed using industrial-grade vacuums.

closeup of large house fly infestation on the screen of a home’s window

 Importance of Fly Infestation Control

It is presumed that many species of flies, like the house fly, are capable of transmitting diseases to humans through the spread of pathogens.

Diseases spread by flies include Cholera, Gastroenteritis, and Salmonellosis.

Fly infestation control and removal is essential for numerous industries, including restaurants and hospitality as an infestation could indicate a sanitary issue.

Certain species of flies can transmit diseases through bites. Diseases include tularemia and leishmaniasis. It is also possible for humans to have allergic reactions to fly bites.

Even the smallest fly infestation problem could become out of control very quickly. Some species of flies can mature from eggs to adult in only seven days.

With this in mind, a minor fly infestation has the potential to become a bigger infestation rather quickly.

Contact our pest management professionals to eliminate fly infestations from your home.