Pest Control for Retail Stores

When it comes to retail and your business, we know that there is nothing more worrisome, than pests wreaking havoc on your inventory. We want to provide business owners peace of mind -- that’s why Catseye customizes retail pest management procedures to ensure you don’t have to worry about mice, rats or stored-product pests like the Indian meal moth, flour beetle or rice weevil.

#1 in Retail Pest Management and Prevention — The Catseye Difference

The Catseye mission is to protect your retail space from pests by providing award-winning customer service and the best quality pest control in the retail industry. We accomplish this through:

  • Performing an initial comprehensive inspection of your business or facility at no cost
  • Designing a retail procedure based on our findings that is unique to you
  • Providing a personalized logbook where our pest management technician records areas inspected, findings, service information including products used and suggestions for the future; each logbook comes equipped with a CD that has the safety labels for all materials that Catseye uses
  • Following Integrated Pest Management practices
  • Scheduling longer service visits than traditional pest control companies to ensure that our technicians have time to get the job done right
  • Offering flexible scheduling and emergency visits
  • Giving you a protected online account to check appointments, view service notes and make payments
  • Sending regular service report emails
  • Implementing our signature Service Scan System that uses barcodes to timestamp when and where our pest management technicians were at your business or facility

Pest Control Services

Rodent Control:

We use a combination of safe and humane rodent bait stations and mechanical rodent monitoring devices to remove these critters.


At Catseye, we believe in more than just getting rid of your pests. We want to go above and beyond for every service. This is why we vaccuum, disinfect and otherwise return the area to the way it was before pests invaded.

Minor Repair & Exclusion:

Catseye technicians are always keeping an eye out for the ways pests are getting into your building. If we find small openings, like the hole where a pipe enters the building or a crack in the foundation, we will seal it to keep pests out. We also seal up areas, like behind backsplashes, where pests will hide.

Crawling Insect Control:

Pests like ants, beetles and cockroaches can damage and contaminate your food products. We use discrete monitors to gauge pest activity, then apply baits and residual insecticides to eliminate any pest problem we detect.

Flying Insect Control:

Fly lights and attractants are used to monitor and control the activity of flying pests. We also use baits and residual insecticides to get rid of pests like fruit flies, drain flies and bees. In addition, drains are cleaned and treated so that flies are less likely to reproduce.

Other Services:

Our retail pest exterminator services are just part of our offerings. Sometimes it’s more than just a couple small openings that are letting pests sneak inside your retail space. Our Cat-Guard Exclusion Systems are all-natural, permanent solutions to keeping the pests out. Are bigger pests causing problems on your property? Check out our Wildlife Control and Bird Control services.

 logo for Catseye Pest Control Commercial Protection, which is year-round pest control protection for any type of weather

Common Pests Found in Retail Stores

Rodents, Birds & Wildlife


How To Eliminate Rodents in Retail Stores

Rodents like mice or rats love to make homes in any cluttered, or full stock room. To help prevent an infestation, your most important focus needs to be removing any clutter. Rodents can damage products like clothing or containers as they will chew through anything. Mice and rats will also contaminate your inventory with their urine or feces. All a mouse or rat needs to get into your business is a hole the size of a quarter. Look for gnaw marks on containers or boxes throughout your shelves. That, along with odors or urine or droppings around their traveled paths are sure signs you have a rodent infestation.

  • Identify and seal up any potential entry points, which can be as easy as closing the loading dock door after a delivery
  • Unstock inventory and move it to the main floor as quickly as possible
  • Set traps or monitors along the perimeter of your stock room
  • Look for any cluttered areas that are conducive for rodent nesting and remove the clutter
  • Keep any unboxed materials in a plastic storage container
  • Make sure all boxes and containers are off the ground, or on palettes
  • Keep your breakroom clean at all times, especially if there is a fridge with food

Benefits of Professional Pest Control for Retail Stores

Obviously, if your retail business involves food, there are many state and federal health codes your retail business must follow. For businesses that don’t sell food, following best practices when it comes to your store is still very important. The last thing any business owner wants are a few rodents scurrying across their showroom floor. Catseye will customize your retail pest management procedures to ensure your inventory is protected.