Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a real nightmare.

These tiny blood-sucking insects are known for their itchy bites, ability to quickly reproduce, and tendency to hide deep inside tiny cracks.

They are not only annoying but challenging to get under control.

That’s why we’ve created pest control services specifically designed to treat and remove bed bugs once and for all. Whether they’ve infested your home or commercial business, Catseye Pest Control has the skills, experience, and equipment to effectively remove any bed bug infestation.

Discover more about our specific pest control procedures for the removal and control of bed bugs. And how we can get you back to pest-free living in as soon as today by setting up a cost-free inspection.

How Catseye Offers Ultimate Home Protection from Bed Bugs

The Catseye mission is to protect your home and family from pests by providing the best bed bug pest control programs and award-winning customer service. We work to achieve this through:

  • Beginning with a comprehensive inspection of your home at no cost
  • Developing a customized bed bug treatment program for you based on the inspection
  • Using Integrated Pest Management practices
  • Scheduling longer service visits than traditional pest control companies to ensure enough time to address your pest problem
  • Offering flexible scheduling and emergency visits
  • Providing a secure online account
  • Emailing regular service reports Installing our signature Service Scan System to timestamp when and where our pest management technicians were in your home

Learn more about the cost and pricing for a bed bug treatment here.

How Do You Check for Bed Bugs?

While bed bugs are not known to spread any diseases, they can cause psychological stress and keep you and your family from a good night’s sleep. Don’t let the bed bugs bite is more than just a phrase, after all.

Bed bug bites are itchy and can even trigger allergic reactions in some people.

The first signs of a bed bug infestation are itchy bites in clusters of three and tiny blood spots on your pajamas, bedding, and mattress from crushed bed bugs. Use a flashlight and credit card or paint scraper to check the common places where bed bugs like to hide.

Look for shed skins, eggshells, and bed bugs near the piping of your mattress and box spring, cracks along the headboard and other nooks and crannies in the bedroom.

Don’t forget to check the seams of chairs and couches, including cushions, as well as the folds of curtains. If there is a large bed bug infestation you may also notice a gross “raspberry” smell.

close-up of pest control technician applying bed bug treatment with hose nozzle to a mattress

Can Bed Bugs Be Killed by Freezing Them?

Using freezing temperatures to kill bed bugs is an environmentally friendly option. Our bed bug service combines “The Cryonite Method” of freezing bed bugs with a residual insect growth regulator to disrupt the reproductive cycle of these pests.

The Cryonite Method uses the cooling properties of carbon dioxide to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs. Cryonite is created when carbon dioxide is converted to an exceptionally cold dry-ice snow. The temperature of this snow can reach as low as -110 degrees Fahrenheit.

We use Cryonite instead of heat, fumigation and other techniques because it is more environmentally friendly, can better reach the tiny cracks where bed bugs like to hide, and can be used to target specific areas in your home.

One of our bed bug control professionals will treat your mattresses, box springs, furniture, window and door frames, curtains, and other areas where bed bugs could be hiding. Any eggshells and shed skins will be removed.

Bed bug monitors will be installed in your home so we can keep an eye on the pest activity during the program. We also offer special mattress encasements to deter bed bugs from nesting in your mattress and box spring.

Our program is typically four weeks long with a bed bug control professional visiting your home once a week during that time. Our Bed Bug Elimination Program pairs well with our Platinum Year-Round Home Protection Program because it allows us to continue monitoring and protecting your home from bed bugs.

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment

A joint effort between you and our bed bug control professional is needed while managing a bed bug infestation. This cooperation will help us fix your pest problem quickly and more effectively.

Here are some important ways you can prepare your home for Catseye’s Bed Bug Elimination Program:

  • Notify technician of health concerns: Let us know if you or a family member has health concerns such as pregnancy or asthma.
  • Reduce clutter: Reduce clutter by throwing out items such as newspapers and shoeboxes. Remove all items from under beds and inspect for bed bugs. If no evidence is found, store in sealed plastic bags until after treatment.
  • Remove betting and curtains: Remove all bed linens and curtains throughout your home. Machine wash at the hottest setting and replace after the treatment has been done.
  • Wash clothing: All clothing that you have been wearing must be washed and dried on highest heat setting. Store all clothing in sealed plastic bags until after treatment. If the bed bug infestation has moved to closets and drawers, launder all clothing on the hottest setting possible.
  • Vacuum thoroughly: Vacuum mattresses, including corners where the seams meet, both sides and box springs. Vacuum floors paying particular attention to the area where the floor and wall meet. Always remove vacuum bag immediately, place in a sealed trash bag and dispose in an outdoor garbage can.
  • Bag linens: If you do not have time to wash linens, clothing, curtains etc., bag as many of these items as possible until you have time to go through them.
  • Disassemble beds: Disassemble all beds and remove headboards that are attached to walls and reassemble after the treatment.

If the infestation is in a child’s rooms, put stuffed animals in the dryer for several minutes on high heat.

When washing anything from stuffed animals to curtains, be sure to check the labels first and clean according to those directions so that none of your belongings are damaged.

After the Bed Bug Elimination Program is complete, we recommend you place mattresses and box springs in Mattress Safe Covers.

What are the Benefits of Professional Pest Control for Bed Bugs?

Having a bed bug infestation in your home can be extremely stressful for you and your family. Catseye’s Bed Bug Elimination Program is a comprehensive approach to exterminating bed bugs from your home that will help turn your nightmares into peaceful dreams.

close-up of bed bug in a mattress after pest control technician sprayed infested area

If you notice signs of bed bugs, don’t wait. Contact us for your free inspection today.