Catseye Complete Home and Outdoor Services


We know it’s important to you to have a well-kept lawn with neatly trimmed trees and shrubs. And it’s not just about the curb appeal, you want an outdoor space where you can both relax in solitude and entertain family and friends. From edging and trimming to cleanup, Catseye Complete targets every aspect of your lawn to ensure it always looks spectacular.  


Lawn Maintenance — The Catseye Complete Way

We will work with you to create a custom year-round lawn maintenance schedule based on the season and the needs of your lawn. Our precision approach ensures your lawn will always be evenly cut and perfect. Grass, clippings and other debris on your driveway and walkways will always be cleared away with each service visit.      


Mowing and Grass Trimming

Your Catseye Complete team will use quality equipment to ensure your lawn gets the best cut possible. After mowing, we will trim grass around buildings, trees, landscaping and gardens to match the length of the lawn.  


Edging and Tree Trimming

Edging will be done along the driveway, walkways, curbs and landscaping on your property to give everything that polished look. We will also trim trees and prune hedges and shrubs. Any dead plants or shrubs will also be removed to keep your landscaping looking healthy.

Naples Mowing and Lawn Maintenance


An overgrown lawn is not only unsightly, it’s an invitation to nuisance wildlife and other pests. You will find everything you need to keep your property looking healthy and beautiful with Catseye Complete’s routine lawn maintenance services. Our team will have your lawn looking great faster than you can say, “Cut, blow and go!”       


Problems targeted during during your mowing and lawn maintenance service:

  • Long grass

  • Overgrown hedges and shrubs

  • Low hanging branches and untamed trees

  • Dead shrubs and plants  


What makes ‘The Catseye Complete Way’ the best?


The mission of Catseye Complete is to provide the highest quality home and outdoor services while delivering the best customer service experience. Here’s why you should choose Catseye Complete:


  • One company, one monthly payment — all your home and outdoor services

  • Designated customer care representative to ensure all your needs are met

  • Cross-trained staff that can service any problem  

  • Free consultation that includes a comprehensive inspection of your home and lawn

  • Customized home and outdoor maintenance program

  • Service visits that are longer and more frequent than other companies

  • Flexible scheduling and emergency service

  • Protected online account to review service notes, check appointments and make payments

  • Regularly emailed service reports

  • Service Scan System that utilizes barcoded equipment and checkpoints so you know when and where technicians were at your property