Catseye Complete Home and Outdoor Services


Like your home, your lawn needs love too. There’s nothing more wonderful than having an oasis surrounding your house, but Florida lawns are some of the toughest to maintain. Whether it’s heat, drought or damaging insects, your lawn is always on the defense, until now. Catseye Complete focuses on optimal lawn care treatments and techniques to ensure your lush grass and landscaping stays that way.


Lawn Care — The Catseye Complete Way

We know you want a beautiful lawn for entertaining, relaxing or to simply enjoy the view from your home. Our solution to lawn care is simple, we use an effective and environmentally-conscious approach that is customized to the needs of your lawn.    


Fertilization and Creating A Healthy Lawn

Your Catseye Complete lawn care service will include regular application of custom blended fertilizer to help grass grow and support healthy roots. That annoying fertilizer residue on your driveway will always be cleaned up before we leave. We will also monitor the pH level of your lawn and adjust treatments as necessary to ensure that it is always at the optimal level.      


Pest Control and Weed Control

Your property will be inspected and treated monthly for insects, disease and fertility. All of our pest management technicians are certified with Florida Ornamental and Turf Pesticide Licenses to control fire ants, ticks, fungus, weeds and other pests that threaten your lawn. We prefer to take a proactive approach, using custom-blended applications that will prevent these plant and insect pests from attacking your lawn in the first place. We will always replace any dead grass that has been damaged by insects.

Naples Landscape and Lawn Care


You don’t want your lawn to be discolored and uncomfortable to walk on, and we don’t want your lawn to be like that either! Catseye Complete lawn care services will treat and prevent unsightly yellow and brown patches, straw-like grass and stunted grass and plant growth. We will get rid of the insects leaving holes and chew marks on your tree and plant leaves. Choosing The Catseye Complete Way guarantees your lawn will stay healthy, lush and beautiful.


Problems targeted during during your lawn care service:

  • Crabgrass and other weeds

  • Fire ants

  • Fleas

  • Ticks

  • Whiteflies

  • Chinch bugs

  • Nematodes

  • Grubs and armyworms

  • Sod web worms

  • Mole crickets

  • Fungus

  • Unhealthy or dead grass

  • Poor pH levels   


What makes ‘The Catseye Complete Way’ the best? 

The mission of Catseye Complete is to provide the highest quality home and outdoor services while delivering the best customer service experience. Here’s why you should choose Catseye Complete:

  • One company, one monthly payment — all your home and outdoor services

  • Designated customer care representative to ensure all your needs are met

  • Cross-trained staff that can service any problem  

  • Free consultation that includes a comprehensive inspection of your home and lawn

  • Customized home and outdoor maintenance program

  • Service visits that are longer and more frequent than other companies

  • Flexible scheduling and emergency service

  • Protected online account to review service notes, check appointments and make payments

  • Regularly emailed service reports

  • Service Scan System that utilizes barcoded equipment and checkpoints so you know when and where technicians were at your property