Professional Sodding & Resodding Services for Your Florida Lawn

Sometimes watering, mowing, and fertilization services aren’t enough to bring a lawn back to life.

Lawns that are in dire need or could benefit from a new turf installation can benefit from professional sodding or resodding.

Sod is an alternative to planting grass seeds that yields a better result, and much quicker, almost instantly in fact.

When done properly, professional sod landscaping can establish a new lawn. Lawns that have not received proper sodding run the risk of the process not working and you will be left with an unattractive landscape, not to mention the waste efforts.

Professional sod installation will ensure the lawn will eventually take root and continue producing healthy blades of grass and contribute to the overall curb appeal of your landscape.

numerous rows of green sod being unrolled for a new turf installation

Benefits of Professional Sodding & Resodding Services

Whether you’re in need of a new turf installation or need your property resodded, Catseye Pest Control specializes in creating a picture-perfect lawn.

It is worth noting, sodding that flourishes in the Northern states don’t flourish as well in humid areas like Southwest Florida. Catseye experts know which sod will flourish in your area and which to avoid.

Types of sod we take into consideration for the common types of Florida grasses include Saint Augustine and Argentine Bahia sod.

To keep your professional sod installation at its best, an efficient irrigation system will keep your lawn happy and healthy.

Soil with a high pH that suffers from iron chlorosis will also benefit from an irrigation system.

Catseye Lawn Care Service technicians have the certification, equipment, and skills to treat and maintain your lawn so that it’s at its best.

Working with our professional Lawn Care Services team guarantees your lawn remains healthy, lush, and beautiful, and is always accompanied by the best customer service in the market.