Maintain a Healthy Lawn with Professional Pest Control

Homeowners and business owners throughout the State of Florida take pride in their healthy lawns and manicured landscapes.

However, there are occasions when lawn pests move in and feed on plants and grass, deterring its prosperity and beauty.

If homeowners notice yellow or brown patches in their lawn, grass that lifts up easily, or any other signs of lawn disease, it could be an indication of a lawn pest infestation.

The warm, humid climate in Florida creates a natural breeding ground for many of these common lawn pests throughout the year.

Common lawn pests that can take over your lawn include Chinch bugsgrubs, and fire ants. These pests, and many others, should be treated by pest management professionals as it’s almost impossible to eliminate the issue on your own.

Lawn Pest Solutions

For many lawn pests, such as the Chinch bug, turfgrass is the ideal target for an infestation. The reproduction cycle for most pests is quite quick, which means a small issue can get out of hand rather quickly.

While some insecticides may work for eliminating a lawn pest in question, they don’t always eliminate the entire infestation.

Fire ants, for example, can have multiple colonies that homeowners and business owners aren’t aware of. So, while one colony was discovered and targeted, it is unlikely that the issue has been eliminated.

For total lawn pest control, pest elimination, and to maintain the health of your lawn Catseye Pest Control will provide superior lawn care treatment and pest elimination. 

closeup of a cluster of black and brown fire ants working near a colony in dirt near thin blades of grass

Professional Lawn Pest Control

For complete lawn pest control, pest elimination, and to maintain the health of your lawn, Catseye Pest Control will provide superior lawn care treatment and pest elimination.

Catseye’s time-tested lawn care process includes:

  • A free, detailed inspection of the lawn and accompanying elements is performed.

  • A tailored Lawn Care Service program is created based on the inspection.

  • Custom-blended applications and techniques to prevent lawn pest infestations.

  • Continual monitoring throughout the year to ensure the health of your Southwest Florida lawn.

Our Florida Lawn Care Service technicians have the certifications, equipment, and knowledge to protect your landscape against threatening lawn pests and keep your lawn looking its best.

The award-winning team at Catseye will gladly do what it takes to provide you with a lawn that not only thrives but isn’t overrun with nuisance pests.