ViralGuard Disinfection Services for Fitness Centers, Studios & More

The global coronavirus pandemic has led gyms to close temporarily and shift to home workouts to keep their employees and customers safe from contracting COVID-19.

As businesses begin to reopen, adapting social distancing guidelines and disinfecting all surfaces and machines are essential.

It is crucial to disinfect all surfaces in gyms quickly and safely in order to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

For the past 30 years, Catseye Pest Control has finetuned its commercial disinfection services. Our disinfection services are in line with all Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines and advanced equipment and technology are used to ensure that all surfaces are safe and sanitized.

Now, more than ever, these professional disinfection services provide safety and peace of mind for patrons and employees.

Catseye’s ViralGuard Disinfection Services plays an integral part in helping to protect your employees and keeping your gym or fitness studio building clean and safe from SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

technician disinfecting gyms and fitness centers

ViralGuard Disinfection Services: Gyms & Fitness Studios

Gyms and fitness studios are a common breeding ground for germs, a major concern for anyone walking through the doors. The combination of members touching the same equipment and being near each other when exercising leads to potential contamination.

To protect your gym and its members from a potential COVID-19 contamination, a thorough disinfection service is paramount.

Gyms are unique facilities and require a tailored disinfection solution. Whether it’s an employee or a member coming into contact with the equipment, the same surfaces are touched within moments of each other.    

As we learn more about the novel coronavirus and how long it can live on various surfaces, gyms must do their part in preventing any potential spread.

As gyms reopen or adjust hours of operation, extra disinfection precautions taken so that members can feel comfortable and safe attending your gym.

Along with regular disinfection throughout the day, a Catseye ViralGuard Disinfection Services will thoroughly clean all parts of the gym, from locker rooms, to free weights, and machines.

Once applied, the treatment can eliminate existing pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. The service will not continue to eliminate them once the service is completed but additional appointments can be made.

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ViralGuard Disinfection Services are here to help gyms operate safely and with peace of mind. With Catseye’s advanced knowledge and equipment, our technicians can provide the highest level of disinfection services.

To learn more about ViralGuard, contact our team today for a free consultation.


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