Catseye Complete Home and Outdoor Services

We know you want a lush and beautiful lawn that makes enjoying time outside with your family and friends even better. Catseye Complete offers prompt irrigation maintenance and repair services. We’ll keep your lawn and garden happy with an efficient irrigation system that distributes evenly while also conserving water.


Irrigation Maintenance — The Catseye Complete Way

Keeping your lawn healthy can be challenging. Droughts lead to wilted and discolored grass, and lasting footprints in the lawn. Over watering is not only wasteful, but will drown plant roots and stress plants, making them more susceptible to insects and disease. Too much water also causes more weeds and washes away fertilizer applications. The Catseye Complete approach to irrigation combines balanced water coverage that cultivates a hearty lawn with routine maintenance on all components in your irrigation system.


Sprinkler Inspection and Repair

A Catseye Complete service includes a full inspection of your entire irrigation system. We will look at the sprinkler coverage and access walkways and other areas for wasted water. The watering patterns in each zone will also be evaluated. The irrigation filter, sprinklers and all other components will be cleaned with each visit and fixed if they are malfunctioning. Sprinkler head styles and height are adjusted for effectiveness. We will also inspect the water source and provide maintenance as needed. Catseye Complete only uses certified backflow devices. Your service wouldn’t be complete without testing your system’s controller and rain sensor, and setting the timer.


Irrigation Schedule

Our certified Irrigation Specialty Contractors will adjust your system based on the season and the recommended irrigation frequency for your area. Regular pH testing will also help us make informed decisions about what techniques are and are not working for your lawn.            

Naples Irrigation Maintenance


A balanced irrigation system not only saves on your water bill, but keeps your lawn from drowning. Much like anything in life, water for your lawn is great in moderation. Targeted irrigation systems create vibrant and healthy trees, plants and flowers.


Problems targeted during during your irrigation maintenance service:

  • Broken pumps

  • Damaged pipes

  • Dirty irrigation filters

  • Improper pH level

  • Incorrect sprinkler heads/heights    


What makes ‘The Catseye Complete Way’ the best?

The mission of Catseye Complete is to provide the highest quality home and outdoor services while delivering the best customer service experience. Here’s why you should choose Catseye Complete:


  • One company, one monthly payment — all your home and outdoor services

  • Designated customer service representative to ensure all your needs are met

  • Cross-trained staff that can service any problem  

  • Free consultation that includes a comprehensive inspection of your home and lawn

  • Customized home and outdoor maintenance program

  • Service visits that are longer and more frequent than other companies

  • Flexible scheduling and emergency service

  • Protected online account to review service notes, check appointments and make payments

  • Regularly emailed service reports

  • Service Scan System that utilizes barcoded equipment and checkpoints so you know when and where technicians were at your property