Natural Pest Control With Cat-Guard

natural pest control

Natural Pest Protection Above and Below

Catseye’s exclusive, all natural Cat-Guard System, comprised of the Lower Viper Strip and Upper Critter-Guard, uses high-performance metal coupled with numerous other seal up techniques to seal entry points and prevent re-entry into your home. Other methods may include wood, mortar, mesh, and screening. Cat-Guard is installed in areas conducive to animal entry for natural pest control. This approach to excluding pests is completely chemical free, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. Our structural repair crews utilize premium materials to seal up your home for a safe, effective pest management program. Catseye’s Cat-Guard Program allows you to choose the Lower Viper Strip, Upper Critter-Guard, or both for maximum protection. Cat-Guard Systems help protect against Bats, Birds, Rats, Mice, Squirrels, Skunks, Raccoons, Woodchucks, Chipmunks, and more.


Catseye will perform a harvesting period for approximately five days. Once the trapping period is complete, Catseye will HEPA-VAC the droppings, sanitize and disinfect accessible nesting areas. This natural pest control method is proven to be extremely effective.

Monthly Monitoring

During monthly follow ups, Catseye will eliminate rodent activity and using our minor exclusion techniques, Catseye will make sure the program is working to keep rodents from entering your structure.

Contact us today if you are having any problems with animals in your home or business. Cat-Guard natural pest control procedures will help to keep your house pest-free.