Cooler Weather Brings Mice & Rats Inside

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Today is a cool, rainy day (in upstate New York near our Albany pest control company anyway) and Fall is on the way. It’s time for warm apple cider, pumpkins, apple picking… and rodents in your home. That’s right, when the weather turns colder, rodents will look for a warm place indoors to call home.

Rats and mice can get into very small openings in your walls and foundation. They bring in food or look for crumbs that humans have left behind. These rodents become a nuisance when they bring their friends to nest in your home, chewing their way to a comfortable spot. They also leave behind droppings and nesting materials that could be hazardous to your health.

Have you spotted mice or rats in your home? Many people experience one or two of these rodents each winter, however some get completely infested. Trapping and removing these pests is the first step to getting rid of the population. However, the entire structure needs to be sealed off to ensure that rodents cannot re-enter.

Call your local pest control company to hear about their process to evict mice and rats from your home. A successful elimination plan will consist of trapping the rodents and sealing off your home.

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