Catseye Summer Pest Tips

Catseye Summer Pest Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

It's summer! We know the last thing you want to worry about are bee stings and mosquito bites, so before you dive into the season, take a look at our handy infographic....

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Bee Stings in Dogs and Cats: What To Do

A couple of summers ago, Catseye Pest Control’s business development representative, Hanna Bush, was out walking her dog Tripp when the large Mountain Curr mix stepped...

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Chikungunya Facts and Prevention

Earlier this week a Florida man, the fourth in the state, was diagnosed with chikungunya fever (pronounced chik-en-gun-ye), a virus spread by mosquitoes. He got the...

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Catseye Tick Tips

Catseye Tick Tips [INFOGRAPHIC]

It turns out the Polar Vortex not only brought lots of snow — it brought lots of ticks too. Ticks spend the winter sheltered under leaf litter and all that extra snow...

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Carpenter Ant

Getting Rid of Carpenter Ants

Don’t let carpenter ants take advantage of your home! They will steal food from your pantry, damage wood and may even make your house structurally unsafe. Learn the...

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Bee Swarm

Catseye Pest Control’s Tough Jobs | An Electrifying Bee Story

About 10 years ago, homeowners in Delmar, NY called us about a bee problem in the wall of their master bedroom on the second floor. Our technician inspected the home...

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